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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015
7:41 pm - I'm Finished with previous entry!! Please Read! EDITING!!! Please Re-Read!!!!!!!
I'm Finished with previous entry!! Please Read!

I'm editing the below journal entry...............
I'll be back to finish it and let you know.............
Please re-read it and keep checking back............

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7:40 pm - I'm in Spokane, Washington and being kicked around by people who want to do the same things as in Po
I'm in Spokane, Washington and being kicked around by people who
want to do the same things as in Portland

I'm being kicked around by the Spokane Transit Bus system
which is like Tri-Met Bus and Lightrail in Portland, Oregon.
Today I had "KKK Jerry Springer Presidential Signed Execution"
tell me I could not ride the Spokane Transit with the bags
and things that I brought with me. David Otter and Andrew Lang
are manipulating and telling the bus drivers to complain about
how much stuff I have on my wheelchair and that I have a gym
bag in my lap. They are communicating to the bus drivers with
walkie talkies from a base station. This has been written about
in newspapers and magazines in articles about Terry Anderson
and the Presidential Signed Executions.
They are trying to steal my bags and things with
"Terry Anderson Mexican Presidential Signed Executions"
who include folk singer Jose Feliciano.

Jose Feliciano is the folk singer written about
in Hells Angel true crime novels by Yves Lavigne.
His family members include the fat Mexican woman seen on
the television program "Gangland" known as
"Laughie". This woman is also known as
"Mexican Luann Stalker". This is in reference
to a woman known as Luann Miller whom I've written
about in past entries. Luann Miller is a person who
I knew that lived in Woodburn and Salem, Oregon. Linda Kiefer
introduced us. She also lived in Beaverton, Oregon in
an apartment complex on Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.
"Mexican Luann Stalker" claims to be Luann Miller
and tells people that she is my girlfriend. She tells people
that we have had a child, have had sex, have had a legal divorce,
and that Luann Miller is a fantasy of mine that she
tries to satisfy by effecting "real Luann's personality".
She also tells people that she has to keep herself fat
so she can look like Luann Miller and satisfy my fantasy.
She tells people that it is my fault that she is fat
because she has to satisfy my fantasy of Luann Miller.

I've never met this woman and she goes behind my back
telling these people that she is my girlfriend and that
she pretends to be Luann Miller for me. Several
years ago I met some of the people who are Presidential Signed Executions
and they suggested that I rape Luann Miller. They
included the comedian Jeff Fahey. That is how I
now know that Luann Miller and Linda Kiefer are
Presidential Signed Executions with Jeff Fahey.

Jose Feliciano has had meetings with my parents and
lied to them with comedian Jeff Fahey and with
Terry Anderson. They went behind my back and spoke
to Simon and Sue Murphy. This is how
Jeff Fahey, Terry Anderson, and Jose Feliciano
helped my biological brother David Otter to put me in
a mental hospital so they could steal my inheritance.
They used mercury to hypnotize and or brainwash my parents
and have done this to other people in the State of Texas,
Illinois and Oklahoma. Jeff Fahey tells jokes about
this and the things that make him a Presidential Signed Execution
so he can get away with his crimes. His comedy and his fame
are a screen so he can keep murdering and raping people with
Terry Anderson. "Blatantly Honest" is his
comedy routine in which he talks about murder, the KKK, a martian
named Marvin and even Terry Anderson porn. "Ready to Die"
is also a comedy routine about all of the crimes he commits
with the other Presidential Signed Executions.
"Save Terry Anderson" is something he said during his
concerts. Terry Anderson is a rapist and murderer that
is a member of The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He is
Terry Anderson the Wrestler who is related to Triple H
or HHH of the WWF. Terry Anderson is also
related to Hulk Hogan. These people are called
"Hulk Hogan Executions with Jeff Fahey",
"Terry Hogan with Terry Anderson Executions steal inheritance",
"Terry Anderson Mass Murderers is not a joke or a lie Executions",
"Terry Anderson with Mexican Folk Singer Executions",
"Pat Richardson Terry Anderson Executions steal inheritance",
"Kidnap Kendra Executions with Terry Anderson steal girlfriends",
"Tyler McGauvren Liar Executions with Steve and Michelle child molestors",
"Keep Tyler safe by lying on comedy Executions with Jeff Fahey",
"Beat the Inheritance Executions with Jeff Fahey and David Otter",
"Terry Anderson look alike clone Executions lie on identity",
"Lie on Identity Terry Anderson Executions Rape Your Girlfriend", and
"Rape in Mercury during the Performance Executions".

"David KKK Bus Driver and Transit Liar steals things and rapes Allyson"
is who is kicking me around with other KKK Presidential Signed Executions including
"Jeff Fahey wears skin with coffee can"
"Triple Terry Presidential Signed Executions with Black Terry Anderson".
Kicking me around entails telling me I cannot ride the bus with my
bags and the things I carry around, kicking me out of the House of Charity
where I was staying (the House of Charity is a place I had built
with Eugene Pomeroy in Spokane, Washington so I could stay here. It was
built with money from my inheritance and I own it)

They have tried to make it so I cannot use Spokane Transit Bus
system by saying that my bags are too much to carry onto the bus.

"Too Much Terry with Jeff Fahey and Terry rapes your girlfriend with black Terry and executions"
"David Excuse Executions for stealing baggage with black and the KKK".
This is what they are doing to me in Spokane, Washington with
David Otter and Andrew Lang and Black Richard Terry Anderson
and White Terry Anderson like Hulk Hogan.

White Terry Anderson is related to Ed who I took a
photo of at Helen Swindell's Apartments who is related to
Brian Smith who is a murderer, kidnapper and rapist with
his family. They are members of The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
and are also "The Strode Bunch" who stole from my car
collection so they could open The Banks BBQ and Truck Pull with
stolen vehicles in Banks, Oregon. This is who stole
my vintage Ford Broncos and gave them to Jay Lord
whom I went to Forest Grove High School with in Forest Grove, Oregon.

The theft of these vehicles has been written about in
the Hillsboro, Argus and has also been written about
in Peterson Magazine Publications. These people
are also called:
"Peterson Car Theft Executions steal Truck Pull Sleds and vehicles from inheritance"
"Peterson Publication Presidential Signed Executions Steal Cars and Trucks"
"Terry Anderson Steals Kendra Plewes and stole Banks, Oregon".

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7:23 pm - I am finished with previous entry!!! Please Read!!!
I am finished with previous entry!!! Please Read!!!

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Thursday, August 13th, 2015
5:59 pm - I'm in Spokane, Washington and could not go to VANS Warp Tour in Oregon
I'm in Spokane, Washington and could not go to VANS Warp Tour in Oregon

I had to leave Portland, Oregon with the threat of being
arrested by Presidential Signed Executions. I am
now in Spokane, Washington where I was born.

I plan on trying to go to a VANS Warp Tour
outside of Washington. I will have to arrange for
it and cannot go until next month, September.
I am sorry for my fans!!!

I think you do not need any explanation of
what mercury is and how it effects people or
how it is witchcraft. The Oregonian Newspaper
article about "Mercury Spy Glasses" is a
good place to start to read about mercury and what
it does. I've already written about mercury and its
use in films by my uncle, Alfred Hitchcock.

I do not want mercury used on Alyssa Milano and
was made fun of by executions for posting this.
Episodes of "Who's the Boss" explain
the use of mercury and how it effected Alyssa
and how I do not want people near her. This was
ignored and she was kidnapped and the mercury was used.

I'll post later!! Katie Lentz executions made
me leave Portland.

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Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
5:22 am - Finished with previous entry!!!! Please Read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!!! Please Read!!!!

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5:17 am - Kendra Plewes, Alyssa Milano, and Alex Van Houten
Kendra Plewes, Alyssa Milano, and Alex Van Houten

Kendra Plewes, Alyssa Milano, and Alex Van Houten
are my girlfriends. I just want them to know that
I love them and that I worry about them. Alyssa has
been working at Starbucks at Washington Square Mall
and she has people keeping mercury on her. She has a
purple orchid tattoo on her arm. You can see this
tattoo on episodes of "Who's the Boss" where
I am mentioned. This is the "Popeye" episode
where Alyssa is said to look like "Popeye".
I am Alyssa Milano's boyfriend. Judith Light
says in the episodes "It is nice that Donald Murphy is
your boyfriend and your fiance'."
I have three
girlfriends that are about my fiancé's. This has been
written about in newspapers and in magazine articles
and books. "The American Prince is a polygamist that has
three fiancé's and Alyssa Milano is one of them"

I asked Joel Robison to help take the mercury
off of Alyssa Milano at Washington Square Mall.
Use of mercury is how she was kidnapped.

I love all three of you and there could be no one but
the three of you! Kendra Plewes, Alyssa Milano,
and Alex Van Houten!!!

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5:07 am - Finished with previous entry!!!! Please Read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!!! Please Read!!!!

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5:04 am - Mike Rice is "Mike Chameleon Executions with Car Dealer" and "Battery Bomb Planned Murderer Steals"
Mike Rice is "Mike Chameleon Executions with Car Dealer" and "Battery Bomb Planned Murderer Steals"

Dick Hannah is mentioned in the previous entries. He is also:
"Mike Rice Chameleon Murderer" and
"Mike Rice Chameleon Killer" and
"Dick Hannah Chameleon Murderer" and
"Dick Hannah Battery Car Bomb Killer" and
"Dick Hannah Give to the Sisters Car Bomb Murderer" and
"Use the Bike Gang Planned Car Battery Bomb Killer" and
"Get out on the Witness Stand Planned Murderer is in the Bike Gang" and
"Bike Gang Bail Out Murderer Builds Car Bombs from Batteries" and
"Use the other Bike Gang and get out with the Angels Car Dealer Murderer" and
"Angels Protect Car Dealer Killer with Frame the other Bike Gang".

So Dick Hannah has been trying to kill me and planned on
giving me a car so he could build a car bomb out of a car battery.
He has that he is going to blame the "Brother's Speed Motorcycle Club"
for the car bomb. One of the requirements for being a member of
this bike club is that you have to know how to build a car
battery bomb and have the plans for the battery bomb in your house.

Dick Hannah is also:
"Mickey Baseball Executions with Sonny Barger" and
"Mickey Michigan is Baseball Car Dealer Killer" and
"Race Car Sports and Athlete Murderer Kills Athletes" and
"Dick Kills Michigan" and
"Newspaper Murderer Kills News Employees for the Hells Angel" and
"Dick False Judge Murderer Gets Himself Off" and
"Car Bomb Specialty Can't Bomb Cars in New York Where He'd Like to Live" and
"Mickey Mantle Baseball Killer is Mets Baseball Killer" and
"Baseball Fan Bomber and Murderer is New York Mets Fan" and
"Hells Angels Protect Car Bomber Baseball Killer".

Dick Hannah, Mike Rice, White Wizard Ku Klux Klan Bus Driver Murderer
with Mickey Way
will be executed. He is a Presidential Signed Execution.

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Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
11:14 pm - Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please Re-Read!!!!!!
Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please Re-Read!!!!!!

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10:28 pm - Charles Finnelle is also a Presidential Signed Execution!!!!!
Charles Finnelle is also a Presidential Signed Execution!!!!!

Charles Richard Finnelle is a Presidential Signed Execution
who has been following me and having me trespassed from
businesses with the other Presidential Signed Executions.
He is the father of Eric Finnelle whom I went to
high school with. He worked at a business called Diamond Cabinets
in Forest Grove, Oregon. He is a Viet-Nam Veteran that
committed murders and homosexual rape. He was sentenced to
death for his crimes in Viet-Nam and is also a
Presidential Signed Execution for his crimes with
the other death sentences.

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Friday, July 31st, 2015
6:46 pm - Re-Edited!! Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please Re-Read!!!!!!
Re-Edited!! Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please Re-Read!!!!!!

I've edited the previous entry!!! Please re-read!!!

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
3:42 pm - Problems with arrest at MACY's store in Portland, Oregon in the courtroom with ORS 161.370
Problems with arrest at MACY's store in Portland, Oregon in the courtroom with ORS 161.370

Yesterday I appeared in court in Portland, OR. for my
arrest at MACY's Department Stores which I have
written about. The arrest was by make-up thieves
also called "Conan O'Brian's Joker Make-Up Arrest Team".

This is a knickname that is known outside of the
U.S. Military because it has been publicized in
sit-com scripts and in news articles and tabloid
articles. In the State of Texas there were people
shot and killed in make-up murders

"Make-Up Murderer Conan O'Brian" is a
knickname given to him for his murders by smearing
and placing make-up and perfume onto people who
shop at MACY'S Department Stores.

Conan O'Brian does this with "Ice Tea Female"
and other black and Mexican people who are related
to the rap musician Ice Tea. Ice Tea himself
is involved in the make-up murders with actor Samuel Jackson
and his family. The U.S. Military calls these people
"Ice Tea Family Make-Up Counter Executions with Conan O'Brian".
Actor Harvey Keitel is also involved in the murders and so
is Julia Louis Dreyfus of the sit-com "Seinfeld". Julia
has blamed me for years for her problems at MACY'S
and contacts comedienne Joan Rivers when she committs
a crime at MACY's with the other Presidential
Signed Executions. Joan Rivers herself is
not involved in the crimes. These people are also
called "Julia Blame Executions Manipulate the Court Room".

The United States Military has known these people
to be murderers for years while acting out at the
MACY's make-up counter and attacking people with
perfume and make-up. Several black actors' family's moved
from New York because they were caught in New York
putting perfume into people's bags and pockets while
smearing lipstick and make-up onto their asses or butts. They
took over MACY'S Department Store so they could
control my inheritance and make it so I would not receive
or have my inheritance bestowed upon me. They thought
they could challenge TIFFANY's which is also in
NEW YORK by controlling MACY'S. Comedienne
Joan Rivers worked at MACY'S and is a
Grand Marshall for the MACY'S NEW YEARS PARADE.
These people are called:
"New York/Philadelphia Black Family Executions" and
"MACY's Black Family Executions" and
"MACY's Migration Make-Up Black Family Executions".

These Presidential Signed Executions are studied at
Anapolis Military Base in Maryland and the
criminal behavior of these people is studied and reported
in file. In 1987 when I joined the U.S. Army these
people had committed crimes in several quantities already
by attacking U.S. Military personnell and by trying
to have them Criminally Trespassed from all
MACY's DEPARTMENT STORES. Joan Rivers was falsely
arrested. Janet and Sharon Barger, Julia Louis Dreyfus and
Ashton Kutcher before he was a celebrity tried to have
Joan Rivers criminally trespassed from MACY'S
and from all MACY'S PARADE ACTIVITIES. Ashton Kutcher
was arrested and so was Julia Louis Dreyfus. Janet was
arrested by Richard Rawlings who used a disguise and put
her in a Virginia jail. She was also moved and put
into a mental hospital so my brother David Otter could
care for her and help get her released from her sentence.

The threat of losing the opportunity to own my inheritance made
them place Janet into a psychiatric ward. This is how they
thought they could make fun of my biological brother David Otter
and say that her sentence of mental health treatment was
just in that David Otter and the Hells Angels had done
this to other people many times. Conan O'Brian posed
as Janet's doctor while disguiseing himself and using a
different disguise to work at MACY'S MAKE-UP Counter
in New York. Actor Harvey Keitel went to court
in New York for the crimes and used Conan O'Brian
to get out of his crimes by having Conan O'Brian pose
as his lawyer. Conan O'Brian used mercury in the
New York court room to manipulate it and to "hypnotize"
or "dope" anyone who would be a upstanding or law
abiding person employed in the New York courts of law.

These people are also called:
"Mercury Make-Up Court Room Executions with
Conan O'Brian and Harvey Keitel"

"Janet Psyche Ward Make-Up Court Room Falsification Executions"
"Steal Inheritance Mental Hospital Court Room Executions"
"Lie on Spy Make-Up Executions"
"Spy on Make-Up Liars are Executions"
"Sentenced to Death Executions are Liars".

Katie Lentz and Kathleen Dunn are the
Presidential Signed Executions who were appointed
to handle my court case. Kathleen Dunn is a
Presidential Signed Execution who has been in
news stories printed by The Oregonian Newspaper
and by news stories shown on television. The news stories
shown on television differentiate between Kathleen Dunn
the newscaster and Kathleen Dunn the court appointed
lawyer. These people are also called:
"Newscaster Name Duplication Macy's Executions with Conan O'Brian".
Katie Lentz is a mental health councelor that
is trying to force me to take a mental health evaluation
with Kathleen Dunn as the court appointed lawyer
trying to force the test through the court room.

The court room is illegal and also has knicknames.
"Blame Julie STARBUCKS Illegal Court Room Executions"
or "Blame Julie Court Room Executions" and
"Pat Blame Court Room Executions with Lie on Julie's Identity Actors" and
"Blame Julie and Lie on Leslie Court Room Executions" and
"Ron Jeremy Female Lie on Leslie employed Court Room Executions" and
"Leslie Liar with Ed is not Leslie Employed Court Room Executions" and
"Hells Angel Control Court Room Executions with Ron Jeremy Female".

Leslie is "Leslie with Ed" who worked
at Helen Swindell's Apartments on 10 NW Broadway
in Portland, Oregon. Actor Jim Carrey is also a
"Portland, Oregon False Court Room Execution".
Actor Jim Carrey is with Pat Richardson in
being a court room execution and criminal for breaking
the law by falsifying court room activities. Also called
"Falsification of Law Court Room Executions in Portland, Oregon".
Actor Jim Carrey will be executed with Pat Richardson
and Julia Louis Dreyfus. Pat Richardson has
refused to recognize me as the founder of Dark Horse Comics
and Things From Another World Comic Book Stores and
has also refused to recognize me as the creator of "Hell Boy"
and "Transformers". He is a rapist and murderer.
He is refusing to recognize my inheritance and that I own
Things From Another World Stores and Dark Horse Publishing

As a United States Army Colonel, Green Beret and
U.S. Army Ranger I know these people's activities and
am reporting on these people's illegal activities. All
U.S. Military Personell have been taught about these
people and notified of the danger of these people in
U.S. Military Class Rooms. I want everybody in the
U.S. Military, Army, U.S. Marine Corps,
Air Force and Navy to know about these people's
activities in Oregon and to read my blog. I want
President Barack Obama to be notified of this illegal
activity and to act on the illegality of the Oregon Court Rooms
which I had to be falsely arrested by. I have left Joel Robison
voicemails in his Washington County Probation Office where
he is a probation officer connected to the Washington County
Presidential Signed Executions
who work in the jail
and on the Washington County Police Force. They include
Theresa Coleman.

ORS 161.370 is Oregon Revised Statute 161.370 which
I have written about in previous entries. It has been used
illegally by Presidential Signed Executions working
in Washington County and in Portland, Oregon
including my biological brother David Otter.

The VANS Warp TOUR is August 7th and I will be purchasing
a ticket on August 3rd!!!! I passed out stickers and expect to
be recognized with my tour pass and packet this year!!! I also
contacted Joel Robison about having other bands make an
appearance on the tour!!! I hope you have all noticed the
MARVEL Comics VANS merchandise I had manufactured and put on
sale at Journey's Stores which I formed and own.
Journey's Stores are the tour sponsors!!!

Cybill Shepherd is a Presidential Signed Execution
and I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that while
reading my journal. If you are a fan of the television show
MOONLIGHTING then you know that I created the show and
that Joel Robison appeared on the show. The dialogue and
scripts reflect this. Craig Preston is also a
Presidential Signed Execution who is a rapist and murderer
even though I posted a video of him below. He is the
Craig Preston that worked on Transformer Comic Books
and he also appeared on episodes of the television show
WEBSTER with Emmanuel Lewis. The court room
executions I have written about in this entry are also
called "WEBSTER Court Room Presidential Signed Executions".

Boris Becker is a local newscaster who is on local
network news that is involved in trying to have me put in
a mental hospital and in my false arrest at MACY'S.
He is with these people as executions. The knicknames
for these people are also:
"Local Network News Presidential Signed Executions" and
"Boris Becker Local Broadcast News Executions" and
"Boris Becker Local Broadcast News Executions with Mexican Comedian Mencia".

Moonlighting sit-com IMDB:

Webster sit-com IMDB:

I test road a bunch of motorcycles and wrote about it
years ago in this journal. I have some recent photos of them
and will post about it and write about it at a later time.
I have also called Joel Robison about this.
I test road like three Harley Davidson V-Rods and
wrote about it in this journal. I especially liked the
Harley Davidson V-Rod "S" which I rode.
I have no intentions of buying a new motorcycle at
this time.

As per my biological uncle's instructions, Dick Hannah,
who is a car dealer, made several bikes that my uncle
instructed him to give me available to ride. The bikes
belong to me and I test road them. Dick Hannah raced
motorcycles and is famous for it. He also played
professional football with Rip Gage whom I worked
for even though Gage Industries Plastics belongs
to me. Dick Hannah gave me a Bentley to drive
and Hugh Heffner stole it from me. I wrote about
it in this journal. Hugh Heffner illegally
intercepted the bestowance of my inheritance through
car theft by stealing the Bentley that
Dick Hannah tried to give me. Alfred Hitchcock
left instructions that a Bentley be given to me
by Dick Hannah and Hugh Heffner broke the
law by stealing it. The past journal
entry would be at least 8 years old.
Dick Hannah has several people that steal
from me by using him and by claiming to be his
family relations. Rick Dale of the television
show "American Restoration" claims to be Dick Hannah
and takes over his car dealership when he needs to.
Other Presidential Signed Executions claim to be
his staff persons, car sales staff, and people related
to me or employed by car companies such as Chevrolet.
They steal from me and my inheritance and use him and
the car dealership to do so.

Any smart ass comments about this and I refer
you to the fact that I created the program
"American Restoration" and that the end results
of this program was to have the boutiques in Portland, Oregon
selling my inheritance items shut down. This program and
"Pawn Stars" was created by me so I could catch
people stealing from me who are Presidential Signed Executions.

Here are a few photos of some of the motorcycles:

 photo DSCN5130.jpg

 photo DSCN5140.jpg

The last photo has an actor who was in the
television series "Breaking Bad" which I wrote.
Eugene Pomeroy also appeared and was cast
by me in this television series. Mike Mitchell who
is also a Presidential Signed Execution wore
a mercury retainer which alters a person's appearance
in his mouth when he appeared on "Breaking Bad".
The mercury retainer is like the "Mercury Spy Glasses"
written about in "The Oregonian Newspaper".
Mike Mitchell is also called "Mike Rapist"
and "Mike Rapist with Mercury Disguise" and
"Mike Rapist with Eugene Rape your Girlfriend" and
"Mike and Eugene Rape Team" and
"Mike and Eugene Rape Team with Tom Green are Porn Rapists" and
"Sentenced to Death Porn Rapists Rape Your Girlfriend".
The subject matter of the television show "Breaking Bad" reflects
that these men are rapists. I wrote it with a man named Scott who talked
to me behind Eugene Pomeroy's back.

I road all of the bikes in the two photos. The
Harley Davidson STX Sportster is pictured in the
photos with a black gas tank and no logo. It has a wide
band belt drive. It was one of my favorites!!! I road
wheelie's up and down Front Avenue in Portland
where the photo is taken. I own Harley Davidson
and helped to design the STX and V-Rod. I received a
signed Machine Engineering Diploma that was submitted
to colleges by my supervisors to Illinois State Colleges
before I left Gage Industries. The colleges
received reports on work performance and my
abilities to instruct employees. I received the
diplomas before I gave design instructions for the
V-Rod and STX. Some of these designs were drawn
when I was a child and I wrote about them in the
cartoon and comic book I wrote drew and created called
"Adventure Time". This has been written about
in car and motorcycle magazines.

Illinois State Colleges have plastic engineering programs.
Rip Gage and other people I worked with including
my supervisor Jim Shroyer, who played NFL football
for the Kansas City Chiefs, lived in Illinois and built
the plastics engineering program and classrooms in Illinois.
Ron Druin and Jon Dinges, who also played
NFL football for the Kansas City Chiefs, submitted reports
to Illinois Colleges on my performances and knowledge of
engineering and plastics and manufacturing. These people
are professors in the knowledge of plastics and manufacturing.
Betty Gage also submitted reports to Illinois colleges
and I believe Oklahoma. Jon Dinges, Jim Shroyer,
and Ron Druin all won the Superbowl with the
Kansas City Chiefs NFL Football team. I am a "Purple Wolf"
with my reports being submitted to ND, Illinois and SY, Illinois.
Rick Dale of the television program "American Restoration"
tries to convince people he can get a 50 State Wide College
Diploma. This is false and it may make me sound like an
idiot to many people in the ARMY and U.S. Military who
know this and know that the man is a "Marvin Execution"
also called "Rick Dale 50 State Wide Marvin Execution".
ARMY and Military classrooms teach that Rick Dale
haunts Michigan State Colleges and that he murders military
personnel and tries to seduce them with lies about a college
diploma. Rick Dale, Teresa Coleman and
Richard Zimkis are:
"Lie On College Diploma Murder Seduction Easy Education Executions"
with Mike Mitchell.
Mike Mitchell, Teresa Coleman, and Richard Zimkis
are working in Washington County which is located in Hillsboro, Oregon
as Police Officers and are trying to put me in Oregon State Hospital
yet again while falsely arrested me and harassing me.
My supervisors and the college my reports were submitted to
are not with the Presidential Signed Executions and I have
knowledge beyond what was displayed at Gage Industries
Plastics Business
. This is known in the U.S. ARMY.
A 50 State Wide Diploma is not possible and I am embarrassed
that I posted that. If you are in the U.S. ARMY and the
U.S. Military please forgive me and catch some people up
on this, will you please!!!???? Sharon Barger and the
Presidential Signed Executions also pose as Jim Shroyer,
Ron Druin, Jon Dinges, and any Gage Industry
employee that they can think of including employees of Monsanto
and as professors who work at Illinois College.

I invented several skateboard designs and patents and
have design patent awards for my displays of engineering
and inventions. This is how I received my engineering diploma
and how my supervisors submitted reports on my work.
I own VANS and also invented DC Shoes and several skateboard
companies including Toy Machine.

Ralph Sonny Barger likes to pose as Rip Gage
and the Presidential Signed Executions including Rick Dale,
Brian McGauvren and Teresa Coleman claim to be
the Gage family. They also do this as the Reser family
of Reser's Fine Foods where I also worked and as
Dick Hannah's family who is the car dealer whom I
have written about. Sharon Barger also uses the name
"Sue Gage" or "Just Sue" and poses
as a relative or employee of Gage Industries and of
Reser's Fine Foods so she can steal my inheritance.
This is how she is "Dachshund Sue" and steals
from me and also has me falsely arrested. The U.S. ARMY
and U.S. Military knows that these people do this.
I photographed Sharon Barger wearing a mercury
disguise walking dachshunds and posted the photos in
the previous journal entries.

Mike Mitchell with mercury disguise is
pictured next to a regular Harley Davidson Sportster
with narrow belt drive. I road it as well. He tried
to fool me at the Portland Brew Fest by wearing the disguise.
He has been caught by U.S. Military personnel
wearing the retainer and taking Copenhagen chew into
his lip to disguise the fact that he is wearing
a mercury disguise. He is "Mike Chew Lip Execution Mitchell".

Here is a photo of a Ducati that I test road
and own. It is pictured here near NW 21st Avenue.
I wrote about this bike in past journal entries when
I wrote about the other test rides.

 photo DSCN5148.jpg

Here are new photos of cars in my car collection!!
There is a red International Harvester Scout,
a green Chevrolet Pick-Up that was purchased
new in the 70's and is being illegally driven, and
the "Sunbeam MG" which is part of my
car collection.

 photo DSCN3104.jpg

 photo DSCN3108.jpg

 photo DSCN5102.jpg

 photo DSCN5103.jpg

 photo DSCN3502.jpg

 photo DSCN3496.jpg

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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
8:24 pm - Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please read!!!!
Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please read!!!!

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5:24 pm - Craig Preston worked on TRANSFORMERS Comics for me!!!!!
Craig Preston worked on TRANSFORMERS Comics for me!!!!!

This is a video of Craig Preston who worked on
TRANSFORMERS Comics for me. Craig is an
actor and stand-up comedian. He appeared on episodes
of "Who's the Boss" and "Cheers"
which I wrote as a child. Craig babysat me as a child.
This is reflected in the plots of the sit-coms he
appeared in. DW Comics was started by me
and is the new Transformers publication company.

Here's a current photo of me:

 photo DSCN4878 2.jpg

I'm wearing glasses to get a clearer eyes
view of the art work.

I want to draw attention to the fact that I own
UPPER PLAYGROUND stores and that they
show my art. My art is on t-shirts and hoodies.
Alex Pardee was a pen name I used
as a child. The name is used in such sit-coms
as "Who's the Boss", "Cheers", "Frasier",
"Taxi", "The Bob Newhart Show", "Diff'rent Strokes",
"Facts of Life", "The Jeffersons", "Barney Miller"
and "Fish".

My pen name Alex Pardee is also used in such
television shows as "The Master" or "Ninjutsu"
with actor Lee Van Cleef, "Moonlighting" which also
mentions Craig Preston who starred in some of
these television shows as I wrote him into the plots,
and "Night Rider" which I also created.

"Night Rider" is a television show which features
a Pontiac Trans-Am which was my favorite car in
1978 when I made many of the art pieces under the name
Alex Pardee. This is also when I created
TRANSFORMERS and spent time with my biological
uncle Alfred Hitchcock. "Night Rider" was
created based upon my ideas about robots and intelligent
cars that would be robotic. My favorite vehicle of the
time was used for the television show. "KITT" is
the name of the robotic, intelligent Pontiac Trans-Am
that is in the television show. "KITT" has my
comic book stories and art read to him and the name
of Alex Pardee is explained to him. The car
has my stories read to him by David Hasselhoff and
Edward Mulhare. The television show also has references
to TRANSFORMERS and transforming robot cars
in the episodes as I wrote them. The scripts explain the
arguments over my art and my inheritance and how adults
attempted to discredit the art and stories and plots
I had written as an eight year old child.

Movies and films such as "Splash" with Tom Hanks,
"Arthur" with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli, and
"BIG" with Tom Hanks mention my pen name of
"Alex Pardee" and use my name of Donald Murphy
in the scripts and lines of these films. These films
have been illegally edited and cut up so that mention
of my name and inheritance is not even in the films.
Lawsuits over the film "Arthur" and "Splash"
are illegal in that I was never subpoenaed for the
illegal court hearings. "Splash" has references
to me owning STARBUCKS. I am the owner and proprietor
of that business. "Coming to America" with
Eddie Murphy also has mention of my pen name
"Alex Pardee" and has also
been edited and cut up from original format.

Here is some of my art as shown at UPPER PLAYGROUND store
located in NW Portland.

 photo DSCN50171.jpg

This art is in the "ZERO Friends" book which is
available at UPPER PLAYGROUND stores. This is
very similar to the art in the animated Rob Zombie videos.
The "American Witch" and "Salem's Lot" videos
by Rob Zombie are my art animated by Alfred Hitchcock.
My biological uncle animated these videos at my elementary school
Gaffney Lane Elementary School which is mentioned
in the sit-coms and television series. There were supposed
lawsuits over these Rob Zombie videos that were
written about in magazines and newspapers such as
Rolling Stone Magazine. The lawsuits were
also mentioned on Mtv or Music Television.
I was never subpoenaed over these lawsuits and the
animated videos got shown on Mtv. Showing these
videos is without question what they were made for.
Presidential Signed Executions have no legal
rights to have hearings where they appoint their own
judge and tell themselves what they want to hear
without a subpoena for myself who never received the
bestowance of my inheritance. The people who supposedly
waged a lawsuit were sentenced to death and have
no legal rights. They include family members who
are related to me who are not supposed to be famous
and who stole my inheritance. They are guilty of rape,
murder and kidnapping including the kidnapping of my
girlfriends Alyssa Milano, Alex Van Houten,
and Kendra Plewes. Rob Zombie is an artist
that I produced and the videos were made for use for
Rob Zombie and his band. I am accredited as
the artist for the videos and my biological uncle,
Alfred Hitchcock, is the animator.

Wayne Murphy is my father Simon Murphy's
brother and I made a characature of him when I was
a child. It is that of a wrestler and is photographed
below. This art piece is called
"T.V. Time Wayne Wrestler with Alien".
My early painting of Jack Skellington with Pumpkin
is photographed below. Jack Skellington took
form with me making lollypop ghosts by putting
tissue over a sucker and drawing a face onto the
covered lollypop. I gave these to several people
when I was a child. My birthday is Halloween and
I am very into monsters and ghosts and the like.
This is all my uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, could
hope for. The "Skinner" book has several
Beavis and Butthead style monsters and
dragons in it. "Devil Head" or
"Bull the Devil" is pictured below and is
one of my favorites. The character is a "Hellboy"
character from the comic books published by
Dark Horse Publications which I founded.
I wanted the character to be Hellboy but my
uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, was teasing me and Hellboy
had to be to his specifications.

 photo DSCN50151.jpg

 photo DSCN50241.jpg

 photo DSCN50091.jpg

 photo DSCN50441.jpg

 photo DSCN50431.jpg

 photo DSCN50101.jpg

 photo DSCN50181.jpg

 photo DSCN50391.jpg

 photo DSCN50411.jpg

 photo DSCN50191.jpg

 photo DSCN50201.jpg

 photo DSCN50231.jpg

 photo DSCN50281.jpg

 photo DSCN50371.jpg

 photo DSCN50381.jpg

 photo DSCN50131.jpg

 photo DSCN50161.jpg

In the photos are my robot signature which is on the
ZERO Friends book. The little bunny skull with
the lines and dots or eyes on either side is a personal
signature of mine. This symbol or signature is on the
hats photographed on the table. I call these
"hats for fans...." as that is a personal art
signature and not just some logo. The robot signature
is also mentioned in the cited sit-coms and television

The "Reefer Madness" man which is on one of
the t-shirts has the robot signature
on his face which is a mask like the character of Jason
from the "Friday the 13th" films. This has also
been referred to as the "Sweeney Todd" drawing or
character. It is, in fact, a drawing I made from the film
"Reefer Madness". There are at least five variants
of this which I drew which have scissors in the character's
right hand and have him pictured without a mask. I also
drew him with flared pants and disco type boots which
are not too exaggerated. I tend to get carried away
when drawing flared or bell bottomed pants with boots.
The "Sweeney Todd" is a fan favorite and mention
of this is in the sit-com "Who's the Boss" with
my girlfriend Alyssa Milano. I love her!!!

The priest character on the hats with the robot
signature is me and symbolizes that you know who
I am as an artist and that you are
knowledgeable that the lines and dots are an artist's
signature and not just an arrangement of lines with two
dots on either side. "SKINNER" is a name
I use, a pen name, and at least two cartoon characters
are named this. "Principal Skinner" is a character
in "The Simpsons" and "Skinner" is a character
in "Beavis and Butthead". "Mike Judge" is
one of my pen names.

You'll notice that the "Awful Homesick" book
in writing or pen resembles the name "Alfred Hitchcock"
as if it were signed by "John Hancock". References
to this and how the name of the book or logo and title
of the book look are in the sit-coms and television
shows "Who's the Boss", "The Bob Newhart Show",
"Cheers", "Barney Miller" and "Night Rider".

The Batman printed shirts are very scarce and I've
called Joel Robison and asked that new ones be printed.
Joel has a character in the Batman comic series
that I wrote that is that of a one-handed salesman with a
fedora. I've asked that new t-shirts be printed and that
they be made on new heavy weight Upper Playground cotton
shirts. I've also asked for new robot signature hats in
different colors including orange hats with crème or champagne
stitching, black with pink, green and orange stitching, and
red hats with crème or champagne stitching. I've also asked
for brown hats with crème stitching. "Batman the Sickness"
was written when I was a child and I drew and painted the
art when I was a child. Pat Richardson of
Dark Horse Comics is a good person to contact
about "Batman the Sickness". The subject matter
of the comics was deemed too mature for someone my age.
Talk of this before publication is reflected in the
scripts for the sit-coms and television shows such
as Moonlighting which I've referenced.
Joel Robison is an actor who appeared
on episodes of Moonlighting as a brown suit wearing
detective with a fedora. I am actually the creator and script
writer of Moonlighting starring Cybil Shepherd and
Bruce Willis.

Upper Playground stores:

I am the creator and writer of Child's Play movies
and thought you'd enjoy a video or two!! My pen names
and art are mentioned in the scripts of the movies.

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015
8:53 pm - Finished with previous journal entry, Please read!!!
Finished with previous journal entry, Please read!!!

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7:26 pm - Comparison of photos of Sharon Barger
Comparison of photos of Sharon Barger

Here are a comparison of photos of Sharon Barger.
These are photos taken at Ross Stores compared
with photos taken at Helen Swindell's Apartments.
Sharon Barger is wearing mercury disguises in
these photos. The ones taken at Helen Swindell's Apartments
have her wearing the disguise knicknamed by the
U.S. ARMY and U.S. Military as
"Sharon Barger Ernest Borgnine",
"Ernest Borgnine Female Hells Angel",
"Female Ernest Borgnine Hells Angel",
"Sharon Barger wears Mercury Disguise Ernest Borgnine Hells Angel",
"Sharon Barger Ernest Borgnine Eviction Notice Hells Angel with disguise"

 photo RSCN30111.jpg

 photo RSCN30071.jpg

 photo RSCN30061.jpg

These are the photos of Sharon Barger taken at
Helen Swindell's Apartments located at 10 NW Broadway
in Portland, Oregon.

These photos are of Sharon Barger's sister outside of
Helen Swindell's Apartments.

 photo DSCN9793-1.jpg

 photo RSCN0132.jpg

These are photos of Sharon Barger walking
dachshunds in N.W. Portland wearing a disguise.
She has done this in several states including
New York, Maine, and Georgia. She
has also done this in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
She has been called
"The Pennsylvania dachshund Thief"
"Sharon Barger imitates Sue Murphy and steals inheritance with dachshunds"
"Sharon walks dachshunds so she can steal inheritance from Don Murphy"
"Sharon steals Virginia from Prince Murphy Kendra isn't good enough"
"Breeding stock of Plewes isn't good enough for the Prince Dachshund collection"
"Walking dachshunds death is Sharon Barger who isn't Mrs. Murphy"
My parents owned three dachshunds. My mother is Mildred Sue Murphy.

 photo DSCN13571.jpg

 photo DSCN13561.jpg

 photo DSCN13541_1.jpg

 photo DSCN13531.jpg

 photo DSCN13571.jpg

 photo DSCN13561.jpg

Here are some recent photos of me, Donald Murphy,
wearing a VANS Independent Skate Hat. I am
the creator and inventor of VANS Shoes and
Independent Skate Company. I made a collaboration
logo and it is being sold at VANS Shoes Stores.
Please see posts below. I also had Marvel Comics
VANS Hats made at Journey's Stores. Of the
Marvel VANS Hats I had the character of The Hulk
and Wolverine made!! Hope you are enjoying
the "AVENGERS Age of Ultron" film!!
Be sure to take plenty of green Mountain Dew
and Doritos with you to the movie!! As I am
the owner of the cinemas I am giving you permission
to sneak these items in!! In fact I am demanding it!!
I have also made phone calls about this!!
Please pick your favorite AVENGER on Doritos bags and
snack the movie!!!

I wrote the script for "Age of Ultron" when
I was eight years old. Please see the comic book!!!
The "Age of Ultron" story ties into the current
X-Men Darkseid saga. Metal is important, and Ultron
has it!!! Not to give anything away, but Colosus had
metal, Wolverine has it and got it again and
Cyber and Apocalypse also had it!!! So, I
wrote some of the Darkseid scripts for comics and
the Avengers film ties in with X-Men.

They aren't showing the film
in long format with intermissions in the theater and I have
asked that they do that. I am the script writer and film's
producer. I have made phone calls about this and am trying
to get the long film with intermissions in the theaters.
I am the owner of all cinemas including Regal Theaters
and Fandango. The cinemas are my inheritance from
my biological uncle Alfred Hitchcock.
A suggestion for when they put the film in the theaters if
it is too long: watch two sections of the film and come back!!
I am also the creator of Deadpool and his story
ties in with Ultron and the Avengers!!

 photo RSCN28681.jpg

 photo RSCN28641.jpg

 photo RSCN30051.jpg

 photo DSCN08151.jpg

 photo DSCN08191.jpg

 photo DSCN08211.jpg

 photo DSCN08261.jpg

 photo DSCN08271.jpg

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Monday, May 18th, 2015
8:11 pm - Edited previous entry below!!!! Please re-read!
Edited previous entry below!!!! Please re-read!

The previous blog entry was edited.
Someone has been trying to hack my blog.

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Friday, March 27th, 2015
2:02 pm - Finished with previous journal entry, Please Read!!!!!
Finished with previous journal entry, Please Read!!!!!

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1:53 pm - Close up photos of Sharon Barger at ROSS Stores in Beaverton, Oregon
Close up photos of Sharon Barger at ROSS Stores in Beaverton, Oregon

Here are close up photos of Sharon Barger who was
married to Ralph "Sonny" Barger of the
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Sharon Barger has
stalked me and stolen from my inheritance for many
years with other members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
She has been illegally working at the
Washington County Jail and been running things
there with the identity Officer Thompson. She
works there with other Presidential Signed Executions
to include Viet-Nam War Veteran and
Presidential Signed Execution Charles Bingham.
Charles Bingham is a cocaine dealer and member
of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club that takes
on the job of Police Officer and Chief for when the
club takes over a community and police force.
Charles Bingham has the knicknames given
by the U.S. ARMY and Military

"Take the Chief Hells Angel Police Officer in Charge of Crime Operations"

"Crying Bingham"

"Barney Miller Execution with Hells Angel Murder"

"Police Chief Hells Angel Murderer with Ellen DeGeneress"

"Cocaine Police Chief Dealer with Ellen DeGeneress"

"Run the Cartel Bingham with Hells Angel Cocaine Dealers"

"Bingham the Cannibal with Hells Angel Cocaine"

"Kill Don Murphy Police Chief"

"Kill Georgia Bingham with Hells Angel Executions"

"Cindy Crawford Cocaine Dealer Police Chief Inheritance Thief Execution"

"Kill Cindy Crawford's Brother and Own the Inheritance Police Chief"

"Sonny Barger's Thief of Command Police Chief in Charge"

"Hells Angel Operations Manager in Charge of Police for the Hells Angels"

"Bingham Lies to be Mexican"

"Mexican Disguise Chief of Police for the Hells Angel Cocaine Dealer"

"Cry to Alibi Police Officer and Hells Angel Member"

"Bingham Chief of Police Rapist"

"Rape Alyssa Milano Police Chief Hells Angel"

"Hells Angel Rapist and Chief in Charge for Alyssa Milano Rape"

"Alyssa Milano is a Cocaine Dealer Too Liar"

"Kill Alyssa Milano's Fiance' Rapist with Hells Angel Protection Alibi"

"Ellen DeGeneress Protection Scam Liar Police Chief with Hells Angel Membership"

"Kill Don Murphy Cocaine Dealers with Marijuana Alibi and Prevent the Inheritance Bingham Hells Angel Members"

Officer Charles Bingham is not the only
Presidential Signed Execution working at the
Washington County Jail. Officer Mike Mitchell and
actor Michael McKean who played the character of
"Lenny" in the sit-com "Laverne and Shirley"
work as Police Officers at the Washington County Jail.
Michael McKean raped my girlfriend actress
Alyssa Milano with "Mike Vaseline" who is
Presidential Signed Execution Mike Mitchell.
Presidential Signed Execution "Keith Vaseline"
participated in the rape of Alyssa Milano and of
my other girlfriend and fiance' Kendra Plewes whose
father is also a Viet-Nam War Veteran.

Leonard Baker is also a Presidential Signed Execution
working at the Washington County Jail. He is Officer Baker
at the Washington County Jail. Leonard Baker has
many knicknames given to him by the U.S. ARMY and Military.
Knicknames are given based upon the idea that these people
are Presidential Signed Executions. Leonard Baker is

"Lie on Identity Hells Angel Thief of Inheritance"

"Hells Angel Identity Thief of Inheritance with Lee Ermey"

"Lee Ermey's Dope Dummy Identity Thief"

"Thief of Ghost Identity Thief Dummy"

"Lie on Ghost Identity Thief Leonard"

"Why the Dummy Identity Thief Liar with Ghost Liar Lee Ermey"

"Leonard Liar Doesn't Lie but Lee Ermey does Dummy Baker"

"Don Murphy Lightning isn't a Dummy Marine like Baker, Whose Lying? Execution"

"Jeff is Leonard Baker and that's his fake identity Execution"

"Jeff Luann Miller's brother knows Don Murphy and is still an Execution"

"Still an Execution, Still Leonard Baker, Still a Liar, doesn't shoot sniper
like Donald Murphy or run the field like Lightning Don Murphy, and Lee thinks he can win lie on identity ghost"

"Lie on Identity Ghost Executions with Lee Ermey Leonard Baker and Luann Miller"

"Keep Don Murphy's friends Executions with Leonard Baker"

"Keep Paris Hilton from contacting Don Murphy Executions with Leonard Baker"

"Win Paris Executions with Leonard Baker"

"We Win Paris Liars with Leonard Baker"

"Paris Why We Think We Win Liars with Leonard Baker"

"Win with Susan Isaacs Liars with Leonard Baker"

"Leonard Baker lies to Famous People and Everybody to Keep the Inheritance and Prevent Bestowance of Inheritance"

"Leonard Baker and Cindy Crawford Prevent the Bestowance Liars and Rapists"

"Prevent Love and Bestowance Liar Leonard Baker with Cindy Crawford, Ellen DeGeneress and Lee Ermey"

"Prevent Alyssa Milano, Kendra Plewes and Alex girlfriends from contact Leonard"

"Baker Prevent Girlfriends with Cindy Crawford prevent girlfriends and Inheritance"

"Prevent Love and Inheritance Executions with Leonard Baker"

Leonard Baker is the actor that played in the film
"Full Metal Jacket" with actor Lee Ermey.
I am the writer and producer and casting director of the film.
I wrote the film when I was still in high school and actively
drilling with my ARMY National Guard unit. Lee Ermey
is the cousin to my ARMY National Guard First Sergeant
Tobias Vanderzanden. Tobey Vanderzanden was my First Sergeant
and warned me of his cousin after I took my entrance exams into
the United States Military and after I qualified with an M-60
Machine Gun while drilling with my ARMY National Guard Unit.
I impressed graders after shooting the M-60 Machine Gun at
Camp Bonneville Military Installation. Tobias Vanderzanden
told me that his cousin who was a defect would find out about
the machine gun qualification before I attended boot camp and
attempt to recruit me to the United States Marine Corps
and also involve me in his illegal activities. He told me his
cousin was a murderer who had not yet been punished for his crimes
and was guilty of rape, theft and cutting phone lines just as I
was training to be a military communications officer. He told me
"There is no get out of crime phone cut lines and my
brother will attempt to tell you that that is not Marine and that
you can be Marine RECON. Don, I was both, he is a murderer, and
that man has cut phone lines and raped women repeatedly. The
U.S. ARMY is not civilian communications and any phone tampering
with such is illegal. If you start to think like that I will
personally kill you! My cousin has been in jail several times
because I have turned him in. He has used my identity, changed his
height, put me in jail, bought height changing shoes which you
will learn about in the ARMY when you go to Basic Training, and
has lied on their confiscation. I have been to court several times
and almost killed a judge because of him. He is a liar, a thief,
and knew your father Simon when he was in the ARMY. I do not
want you to be susceptible to his illegal bullshit and when you
fire a Machine Gun as proficiently as you did in Bonneville it
worries me. The regular ARMY called and wants you to be an
Infantryman and I do not want the United States Marine Corps and
my cousin to show up. You are not finalized with your enlistment
yet and you want to be a Medic. If you go to Texas you will be
a Ranger. My cousin is going to show up because he is going
to want to dog a piece of what you are. Your father, Simon,
always pissed him off. God forbid you're carrying a communications
line pole between your legs right now like your father!! And Jack
Pole Lineman with Green worry me!! Son, can't you fucking miss for
Christ's sake? The Machine Gun is a heavy weapon!! Go fuck Simon
and tell him what I said!! You'll be packing that fucking thing
forever and my cousin will show up and try to cut your throat
and tell you that it's legal because he's a Marine. He'll use
your father and his past acquaintance with him to kill you."

So Tobias Vanderzanden is why I cast Lee Ermey in the
film "Full Metal Jacket". Leonard Baker who is
related to me was cast in the film based upon the fact that he
stole my identity and that I was advised of this before attending
ARMY Basic Training. I also wrote the films "PLATOON" and
"Hamburger Hill" when I wrote the film
"Full Metal Jacket". A Viet-Nam War Veteran in my
U.S. ARMY National Guard unit named Ackley is someone I
interviewed before I wrote the films. Ackley is a retired
Green Beret who was in Viet-Nam with Sergeant Larry Fulcher
and Sergeant Robert M. Meek. These three men were training
me in my ARMY National Guard unit. Ackley is known for
taking the hill depicted in the film "PLATOON" where
Marines are dying trying to get up the jungle trail where an enemy
machine gun is positioned at the top of a mud slide jungle hill.
This battle is called "The Ackley Body Count Battle Hill Victory".
The dramatic scenes with the helmet rolling down the muddy trail
and jungle hillside were written by me after interviewing Ackley
for the film and after talking to Tobias Vanderzanden.
Ackley went around this hill and refused to take the
trail that the U.S. Marines were trying to go up. He approached
the Machine Gun position from behind and threw a hand grenade
while stabbing and shooting enemy Viet Namese soldiers manning
the position. This is how I wrote the film. Ackley told
me about the Christmas Shack which was legendary in
Viet Nam. Christmas Lights and some plywood and there is a
stopping off point in the middle of the Viet-Nam jungle where
U.S. ARMY soldiers patrol. The Christmas Shack was
depicted in scenes with actor Charlie Sheen smoking
marijuana. When writing the script for the film I asked several
Viet-Nam War veterans what music they listened to when in
Viet-Nam and what music when you got back? The Christmas Shack
was built over time and again and there was a clapboard in
more than one place in the jungle where patrols took place.
I wrote down a list of songs with Leslie who works at
Starbucks who attended Forest Grove High School with me.
The songs were given to Oliver Stone
and sent to Universal Studios. They were also given to
Dark Horse Comic Books and Pegasus Books employee
Pat Richardson who submitted my writings and lists to
Universal Studios. This is the "PLATOON"
lawsuit over the inheritance that has been written about in
magazines, books and newspapers. They refused to subpoena me
for the lawsuit and bestowance of my inheritance. I cast two
enemies who I was warned about in the film "Full Metal Jacket"
thinking that this would identify them and that their
punishment would be assured when citizens viewed the film.
Leonard Baker moved to Oregon so he could steal from
me with other Presidential Signed Executions who
include members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
and Sharon Barger.

These people prevent me from
owning my inheritance and seeing my girlfriends Alyssa Milano,
Kendra Plewes,
and Alex Van Houten. I have been
called a bigamist for my relationship with these women.
Paris Hilton who is my biological sister Selena Cunningham
has been prevented from seeing me. Cindy Crawford is one
of my biological sisters and has tried to murder me with my
biological brother David Otter. Cindy Crawford is
and has been working in Salem, Oregon as a Mental Health orderlie
using the identity Tonya. She has been involved in the
kidnapping of my biological sister Holly Day and the
rape of my girlfriends Kendra Plewes and Alyssa Milano.
Cindy Crawford's crimes of inheritance have been written
about in magazines, tabloids and books. I am her biological brother.

Here are close up photos of Sharon Barger married to
Ralph "Sonny" Barger of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

 photo RSCN30061.jpg

 photo RSCN30071.jpg

 photo RSCN30081.jpg

 photo RSCN30101.jpg

 photo RSCN30111.jpg

 photo RSCN30121.jpg

On March 23rd, 2015 I attended the Bad Religion concert
at the Roseland Theater. Bad Religion is a band
that I formed when I was a child like The Butthole Surfers.
The Bad Religion lawsuit over inheritance which has
been written about in Rolling Stone Magazine is about my
inheritance and the fact that I founded the band and wrote the lyrics.
Rick Dale of the program "American Restoration" performs
in the opening band "OFF!" which is also supposed to identify
a dangerous enemy to me and appeal to this man who thinks he can
be on stage and talk his way out of his crimes. Rick Dale was
sentenced to death and is a rapist and murderer also guilty of
stealing from my inheritance. Chris is another singer or the
"Michael Stype type singer" for the band Bad Religion that was never supposed to be on stage or perform
for the band. Chris appeared on the sit-coms "Barney Miller",
"Maude", "Taxi",
and "Diff'rent Strokes". He also
appeared on "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Fish" which is
a spin-off of "Barney Miller". Jonathan Davis of the
band KORN, which I also founded, and Henry Rollins of
the band Black Flag are supposed to perform for the band
Bad Religion. I drew all the t-shirt art work when I
was a child and made all of the album art work and also wrote all of
the lyrics. "Fish" and "Barney Miller" episodes were
written by me with notices of restraining orders against Chris
and Rick Dale for trying to perform my lyrics and for use
of my art work in an illegal manner. The two of them would not take
no for an answer when I was drawing my art work and performing and
writing my lyrics. I feared that another band I was forming, none
other than Metallica, would be affected by these two
people who were trying to take stage away from performances when
I was visited by my uncle Alfred Hitchcock. The two of them
destroyed art work and physically struck me and my sister Holly Day
when I was a child. Kendra Plewes was also physically struck
and held down by Chris and Rick Dale. I have photos of
the concert with Rick Dale wearing a costume. The bands
Green Day and Weezer are effected by
the lawsuits over the band Bad Religion.
Green Day and Weezer are bands that I
formed as a child and wrote lyrics for. I came up for the names for
these two bands and wrote the lyrics for the songs. I also made
the art work for the albums. Green Day is a false band
and the lip syncing done on stage is to identify the performers as
fakes. I am the true writer of the songs. Green Day
is a band that performs with lip syncing and falseness and has
ruined my VANS Warp Tour with their false
performances. This is why there are other acts on the
VANS Warp Tour which lip sync and falsely perform.
I know this sucks and I a sorry!!! I am very aware of the problem
now. I have a band planned for performance for the contingency
and awareness performances and it is AC/DC!!! This has
also been written about in Rolling Stone Magazine.
This year AC/DC is supposed to perform due to the awareness
and my notifications of such in this blog and journal.
Toy Machine skate company has had performances
in California with the band AC/DC and I have published
Toy Machine comic books about the awareness of
fakes and the falseness of music. "The One-ness of Eye" is
about the opening of one's eyes to the truth. The ending of
the Toy Machine comic books with the one eyed
aliens is about the blinding of the truth in the fans eyes.
Fans do not see the truth. I have always used the logo of
the All Seeing Eye like on the back of the dollar bill. It is
my personal logo and I used it for ICON which is my
conglomerated company. I was ripped off of my company and
ownings and inheritance with the ICON indictments and
lawsuits which never included bestowance of my inheritance
or recognition of my foundings of the company or inventions.
The lawsuit and indictment did not recognize my inheritance.
I was never subpoenaed for the ICON lawsuits. My
inheritance was not recognized in these lawsuits.
I wanted the band Soundgarden to play the
VANS Warp Tour with the theme of the
Toy Machine plan "My Good Eye", see also
the song by Soundgarden "Blind"
and see episodes of the sit-com "3rd Rock From the Sun"
with Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell.
I am Donald Murphy and I created the
sit-com "3rd Rock From the Sun" and cast
Chris Cornell in it.

I have to go for now. I will come back with photos of
the Bad Religion concert. Please tell my
girlfriends Kendra Plewes, Alyssa Milano, and Alex Van Houten
that I love them and please help to free them from their kidnapping
and mercury held state. Please make sure that the three of
them get to listen to the voicemails I left for Joel Robison
and please make sure that Pat Richardson of
Things From Another World gets the voicemails I left.
Pat Richardson can contact Alyssa Milano, Kendra Plewes,
and Alex Van Houten and help to give them the voicemails.
Howard Stern is supposed to be contacted. All
pornographers including Max Hardcore are to stay away from
Alyssa Milano, Kendra Plewes, and Alex Van Houten.
Pat Richardson is familiar with mercury and its effects
and will know of Alyssa Milano, Kendra Plewes,
and Alex Van Houten's problems with being held or
kidnapped with the use of it. Gene Simmons of the band
KISS is also supposed to be contacted with the
voicemails. Metallica and Kirk Hammett
are supposed to be contacted with the voicemails.
Ron Tonkin the car dealer is supposed to be
contacted. He is the car dealer mentioned in the magazine
articles and book writings that I have written about
in this blog entry.

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2015
9:18 pm - Finished with previous journal entries, Please Read!!!!
Finished with previous journal entries, Please Read!!!!

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