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Friday, April 18th, 2014
12:24 am - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!

This has been posted again as I need help with the deletion.
Condensing my journal entries is a probable use of a deletion
program or game from another web site. Please help
me to catch the people deleting or condensing my journal
entries and restore my journal entries. This includes
people working for me, my employees, at the studio.

I believe someone may have deleted my journal and
made a digest out of it. This is illegal and I asked
that the studio and people working for me help with this.
A digest deletes some of the content from my journal
entries. Please help!

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12:07 am - Taco Bell breakfast commercial with Ronald McDonald, Vans Warp Tour Tickets purchased
Taco Bell breakfast commercial with Ronald McDonald, Vans Warp Tour Tickets purchased

I just purchased Vans Warp Tour Tickets for Portland, Oregon.
The tour is in late June. I am the inventor of Vans shoes. I
invented them as a child. I have written about inventing them
in this journal. The Warp Tour was my idea. It goes with
The Dew Tour. The Dew Tour was also my idea.
When I was still working at Gage Industries I invented
skateboard logos and new skateboard designs. I spoke with
PepsiCo employee Tim Thrasher about creating The Dew Tour.
When I was a child I skated in Oregon City, Oregon where I
used to live. I invented several things and my biological
uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, helped me to make them and spend
money from my inheritance on my inventions. I own 100 % of
my inheritance and it must be bestowed upon me.

I also created comic book characters such as Transformers
and X-Men characters Jubilee, Gambit, and Cable and New Mutants.
You can find my name in the comic book credits and in
The Transformers movie. I am the script writer
for the new Transformers movies. Diablo is a
new character as is BumbleBee's transformation into a Camaro.
Transformers are not the only characters that
I have created.

I created Boris the Bear, Kabuki:
see Caliber comics first appearance and publications of
, Beavis and Butthead and The Simpsons.
My name is in the credits of the Beavis and Butthead and
The Simpsons comic books. This is also the supposed
Bongo Comics lawsuit that was mentioned in
Wizard: The Guide to Comics. Bongo Comics is
The Simpsons publication company.

Matt Groening and Mike Judge are pen names. Simpsons comics
were never supposed to be produced before my inheritance
was bestowed upon me. Refusal to recognize and bestow
my inheritance is why they were published with my name
in the credits as the creator. This is supposed to
make for the lawsuit that recognizes me as the creator
of the characters
with use of a pen name and bestow
my inheritance upon me. Beavis and Butthead
are published by Marvel Comics and I am their
creator and script writer. Fans of Beavis and Butthead
will note that Holly and Nick are characters
that take their names from my biological family members
Holly Day and Nicolas Cage. Holly Day is my biological sister
and Nicolas Cage is my biological cousin. Holly is also
one of the main characters in Boris the Bear.
I am also the creator of The Care Bears and
Strawberry Shortcake. There have been several
jokes in Wizard: The Guide to Comics about this.

So anyway, I have my Vans Warp Tour tickets purchased.
I said I would do something with my energy drinks Monster,
and Rock Star before the end of the summer. I also
own Red Bull energy drink. It is part of my inheritance.
The History Channel made one of my new shows called
Appalachian Outlaws about growing and harvesting
ginseng for use in energy beverages.

Alan Thicke has been on the TV Guide Channel 04 Comcast
in Hillsboro, Oregon and Portland, Oregon. I wanted
him on television so I could remind people that I am
the creator and producer of the band Metallica
and that Alan Thicke was involved in producing the band
when I created it. This is how Robin Thicke became
a produced musician on Mtv and his song and
video "Blurred Lines" was created.
"Lookin' for a good time" was a joke that I
told and said that my idea and material should be
a song with someone related to or bearing the same
name as Alan Thicke so people would be reminded that
I am not insane and that I did create Metallica!
My joke contained some of the lyrics for the song "Blurred Lines"
with ideas for the Beats speaker and for Miley and Lorde's videos.
This is how my sisters Miley Cyrus and Lorde
got their new albums and videos! I am very happy with
the production of their songs and videos. Miley Cyrus
danced with Robin Thicke at the Mtv video awards
last year and I had just been released from jail at the
hands of my biological family members. The Beats
speaker pill was made as a new invention for I-Pods and
other portable devices. It's not a pill for insanity,
it's a speaker that looks like a phallus and you can
stick it up your ass if you want to say that I am insane
and that I had nothing to do with the creation of
Metallica or any of the things that I say I
invented. This also goes for the family and those
who do not want me to be famous or ever receive
the bestowance of my inheritance. Specifically
for the Presidential signed executions and those
who do not want to follow my instructions such
as to pull my films from the theater
such as Oculus
and The Quiet Ones. Stick the speaker
pill up your ass! I own my inheritance and am not insane!
I am also the creator of Metallica.
Also, if you work for me in the studio, like at
VH-1, do what I ask and pull the two movies
Oculus and The Quiet Ones from theaters.

Seth Rogen is my biological cousin. He planned on
murdering me when I was a child. The movie Neighbors
was written by my biological uncle, Alfred Hitchcock with me.
This is why the original movie with John Belushi and
Dan Aykroyd is not available or shown on television.
The movie is a lawsuit over my inheritance. The original
movie has been shown in a cut up version and that is also
a lawsuit. It is against the law to show the film in an edited format.
Neighbors is a lawsuit because it is not supposed
to be re-written or produced, especially with Seth Rogen
who is a Presidential signed execution. He illegally
used my name and planned on killing me so he could
give my biological sisters my inheritance.
The Neighbors lawsuit has been written about in
magazines and tabloids years ago. Now people who
work for me are not following my instructions
I say not to make or produce or distribute films
like Oculus or The Quiet Ones.
"The Mirror Film" is a lawsuit mentioned
in sit-coms from my childhood. Oculus is
supposed to be my directorial debut. This was set
down from my childhood. It was written about in
the sit-coms "Diff'rent Strokes", "Facts of Life",
and I wrote a script for "The Mirror Film"
for "The Muppet Show" when I was a child.

My biological brother tries to cancel endorsements
with the PepsiCo beverage company and makes
up all sorts of shit so he can harass and cancel
endorsements. David Otter is my biological brother
and he is not the only problem. One of his excuses for cancellation
is that an endorsee ate the breakfast menu at
the Taco Bell restaurants. He tells people Taco Bell
does not want to make breakfast items, they just
do it so they can cancel endorsements. This
is bullshit. So, I came up with an ad campaign
that Taco Bell is currently using. If you're
an endorsee it wouldn't mean a shit even if your
name was Ronald McDonald and you ate as many
egg like McMuffin sandwiches that you could in
a Taco Bell restaurant. Taco Bell
is PepsiCo and eating there is advertisement.
Besides, I own McDonald's and I can serve Pepsi
there and in my other restaurants. So anyway,
you too can now be Ronald McDonald and eat
at Taco Bell and piss my brother off!
Tell him how stupid he is and eat the breakfast.
"I'm Ronald McDonald and I ate at Taco Bell!
I ate the breakfast!"
How many people do
you think have the name Ronald McDonald?
I'm Donald Murphy and I eat at Taco Bell.

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Monday, April 14th, 2014
3:45 am - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!

I believe someone may have deleted my journal and
made a digest out of it. This is illegal and I asked
that the studio and people working for me help with this.
A digest deletes some of the content from my journal
entries. Please help!

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3:05 am - The Avalon and theft from my inheritance with items my biological uncle used as film props
The Avalon and theft from my inheritance with items my biological uncle used as film props

My biological uncle was Alfred Hitchcock. When I was a child
he purchased property in Oregon City where I used to live.
Storage property was purchased and things were placed into
storage so they could only be taken by me when my inheritance was bestowed
upon me. My biological family was supposed to bestow my
inheritance upon me. Instead they have opened up stores in
Portland, Oregon and have stolen from my inheritance things
that Alfred Hitchcock put into storage. They have illegally
diagnosed me with a mental illness and tried to murder me
with other family members who have illegally become actors
and actresses and with members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
including Sharon Barger and her sister Janet who were
sentenced to death by Presidential signatures with other
Presidential signed executions including Viet-Nam veterans
who committed acts of murder during the Viet-Nam war.
Dana Carvey is a Viet-Nam War veteran that committed
murder of friendly soldiers during the Viet-Nam War
and has committed peace time murders with Rick Dale
and Alan from the movie "The Hangover". Alan
and Dana have broken restraining orders against them
that were filed when I was a child. Episodes of the
sit-com "Diff'rent Strokes" are about how these
men and some women were not to contact me or go near
me due to their crimes and violent behaviors from before
I was a child. This includes my biological brother David Otter.
It also includes Seth Rogen and Jack Black who are my
biological cousins. They threatened to murder me so they
could give half of my inheritance to my biological sisters
and to the rest of the family when I was a child. I am
the sole inheritor and executor of my inheritance. I own 100 % of my
inheritance and my biological family must petition for
bestowance of my inheritance when I turn 18 years old.
There is no time limit for bestowance of my inheritance
other than the fact that the family is supposed to petition
for bestowance when I am 18 years old.

"The Avalon" was a club, a boutique and
a "gin cigarette" which is a club that you could buy
cigarettes and get your fill of alcohol at while you
may be fitted for a new suit or dress. It was used
in movies many times. My uncle owned the place.
My uncle was Alfred Hitchcock.

The signs and everything you see in this boutique
is stolen from my inheritance. Even the signs were
used as film props in black and white movies including
the movies "Casablanca", "The African Queen",
and "Gone with the Wind". Film props
for these movies were put into storage by my
uncle and were illegally offered for sale. My
inheritance items have been stolen by thieves
and family members. "The Avalon" has
been mentioned in several sit-coms including
"Who's the Boss", "Cheers", and
"Diff'rent Strokes" which describes in the
script how my inheritance items are to be packed
up until bestowed upon me. "Facts of Life" is
also a sit-com which describes how my inheritance
items are to be packed up into storage in Oregon City, Oregon
until I open them upon bestowance of my inheritance.
They do not belong to anyone but me. Breaking into the
storage property is theft.

"Casablanca" IMDB:

"Gone with the Wind" IMDB:

"The African Queen" IMDB:

Here are photos of "The Avalon" where items
are illegally for sale as are items at "Sylvia's".

"The Avalon" on 4th and Oak in Portland, Oregon
must be shut down and theft of my inheritance items must be
stopped. "Sylvia's boutique" in downtown
Portland, Oregon also must be shut down and theft of my
inheritance items stopped.

"Who's the Boss" is supposed to be on Channel 4
on Comcast in Portland, Oregon and Hillsboro, Oregon.
The movies "Oculus" and "Quiet Ones" are
supposed to be pulled from theaters. I wrote these movies
when I was a child. They are supposed to be my first
directorial debut. Any releases of these films or theft of
script or ideas are supposed to be punished. This was
also written into scripts of sit-coms. Punishment
for stealing or releasing these films was written into
"The Muppet Show", "Who's the Boss",
"Facts of Life" and "Cheers".

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Sunday, April 13th, 2014
4:04 am - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!

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4:00 am - I just purchased my sister's new C.D. "Pure Heroine" by Lorde
I just purchased my sister's new C.D. "Pure Heroine" by Lorde

Just bought my sister's new C.D.!!! Lorde is my biological sister.
The C.D. rocks!!!!

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
9:35 pm - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!!

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9:06 pm - Here is a current photo of myself, Spike Channel and Impact Wrestling, WWE Network
Here is a current photo of myself, Spike Channel and Impact Wrestling, WWE Network

This is a new photo of myself.

I am trying to schedule WWE Wrestling. The new WWE Channel
is now available for $9.99 a month. I hope you like it!
The channel was my idea. Impact Wrestling is on
the Spike Channel on Thursdays at 9:PM
Impact Wrestling is my idea to get some of the
WCW wrestlers who are veterans and have them wrestle
on television and be seen. WCW and WWE are both owned
by me. Impact Wrestling and WWE Wrestling,
Raw and Smackdown, will have the same
management and wrestlers together and the matches will
include all wrestlers. There are wrestlers that are
not being used in matches that I believe are capable
of wrestling and competing. The WWE web site says that
Smackdown is on television on the Sci-Fi Channel
Fridays at 8:PM I canceled wrestling on the Sci-Fi Channel
in a previous entry. The reason for WWE being televised
on the Sci-Fi Channel is that I wanted to make a decision
that would be obvious to wrestling fans that had an impact
on their viewing of the WWE. I made a decision with my
inheritance and with what I purchased when I was a child with
money from my inheritance. My purchase of wrestling as a child proves
that my biological uncle was Alfred Hitchcock and that I
spent money from my inheritance on something that was television.
KPTV used to televise "Portland Wrestling" and
my purchase was announced on this local channel as was
the appointment of Vince McMahon to be in charge of my
purchase and entertainment. KPTV was an independent
channel unlike NBC, CBS and ABC which are my inheritance
which includes Universal Studios and television. I asked
my uncle if I could purchase the local channel of KPTV and
Portland Wrestling with my inheritance. He was very excited
about this as my inheritance is RKO and the radio television
broadcast tower that he purchased.

RKO is Universal. My uncle also purchased other local
broadcast channels in cities where I own buildings and restaurants
like WGN and TBS which is where Ted Turner came from. Chicago
and Atlanta local broadcast channels were purchased. I'm going to ask
people to go back in time and look at the person that you
see as Ted Turner and find that the person that is Donald Trump
seems to be the same person. Remember bald, smoking Ted Turner?
My inheritance is the Ted Turner Donald Trump lawsuit
that was written about in magazines and newspapers. My biological
father, Burl Ives, lived in Atlanta, Georgia and part of my
inheritance is property in the State of Georgia. One of
my new television programs is "Chrisley Knows Best".
Notice that this is a Georgia production. I just
founded the Georgia production company. "Chrisley Knows Best"
has people on the program that know that my father was
Burl Ives. It is why they live in Georgia.

Donald Trump and I have some business to do. I
appreciate what he does and he works for me. I met him
and spoke with him when I was a child. I also met
Vince McMahon and his daughter Stephanie
when I was a child. Stephanie and HHH were asked to
manage the WWE while Vince is in Oregon. That is why
you see Stephanie with HHH on televised broadcasts of
the WWE. So, what I said or wrote was that:

"My inheritance is not science fiction. It
is a fact that I purchased wrestling and hired
Vince McMahon and Stephanie to work for me. I will
prove it by making some programming changes with
cable television and with my inheritance. I am
asking that Vince McMahon and Stephanie, who are
my employees, help with my programming changes.
I can prove my inheritance to wrestling fans by
programming the WWE to be televised in the Sci-Fi
Channel. This will also prove that I own the
Sci-Fi Channel and that cable television is my

Ted Turner was on television
speaking about my satellite and my inheritance
years ago. This was also written about in magazines
and newspapers and tabloids. Donald Trump also
commented on Ted Turner and on my satellite on television.

So I've canceled the WWE on the Sci-Fi Channel.
Sci-Fi Channel can televise horror and science
fiction programs now instead of WWE programming.
Impact Wrestling is in a time slot that
conflicts with what I previously wrote or tried
to program for the WWE. Let's put WWE Smackdown
on TBS and WWE am Raw on FOX local.
WWE am Raw can be played or replayed on Sunday
mornings on FOX local. I want a morning program
for kids that is like cartoons on the weekends. I can
remember 11:AM Nitro, but I don't want to spread the
wrestlers. I am on the WWE web site and do not see
this program for the weekends. I hope Vince and
Stephanie McMahon can work with this and help
with programming. Thanks to wrestling fans!!

Oculus is a film that had the WWE
stamp on the film trailer. I have asked that it be
canceled and pulled from theaters. This film comes
from ideas and plots that I had as a child. It is
mentioned in several sit-coms from my childhood which
I programmed or created including "Who's the Boss",
"Cheers", "Diff'rent Strokes",
and "The Muppet Show".
I stressed on people that I spoke with when I was a
child that this film was my idea and that they must
take legal action if someone else makes the film or
tries to make a similar film. I spoke with Vince McMahon
and Stephanie when I was a child about this and even had Stephanie hold
a mirror in my house so that she would remember. The
cancelation of "the mirror film" was written
by me into the plots of the sit-coms that I have
mentioned. I am asking that Vince McMahon and Stephanie
get involved in this and cancel and pull the film from
theaters and from distribution and also stop showing
the film trailers on television. The WWE stamp
is on the film trailers. Please also do this with the
film "The Quiet Ones".

With the Conaco production stamp for Conan O'Brian
I have to pay him a specified amount of money for his
talk show. I have specified this amount of money on a
voicemail. Please listen to the voicemail and I will write
more on this later.

Louie was on Saturday Night Live. The
sit-coms "Louie", "Legit", and
"Chrisley Knows Best" are under my
attention. I will write about them later and tell
you all how I know Louie and how I know Jim Jeffries
and how I know Chrisley and his daughter Savannah!
Jim Jeffries is related to me and I bought him a
Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum for protection when I was a child.
The fact that I purchased this for him is part of
his comedy material. "Defend the Prince with Jim Jeffries"
is a title of a piece of comedy.

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Friday, April 4th, 2014
3:50 am - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!! Added to!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!! Added to!!!

I've added some to the previous entry. Please re-read!!!

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3:39 am - Pawn Stars explanation of items, Schedule WWE Wrestling, Sylvia's and Pawn Stars, Archer explanation
Pawn Stars explanation of items, Schedule WWE Wrestling, Sylvia's and Pawn Stars, Archer explanation

Pawn Stars has several items
that are a part of my inheritance. The idea to
show some of the items that are part of my inheritance
is where the show idea came from. I own the pawn shop
in Las Vegas. My uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, had the idea
that celebrities who came to Las Vegas to gamble would
leave something of their celebrity status behind at
the pawn shop. This was my uncle's idea of how to
advertise celebrity status and help to glam celebrities.
For instance, you as a fan go to Vegas and gamble. Before
you go home you stop in at the pawn shop and see things
like Lucille Ball's sunglasses. Lucy pawned and had
a good time in Vegas, why not you?! My uncle was a
producer and film maker and the things that celebrities
use and have that are personal are of interest to fans.
My uncle owned and used many of the items that are
showcased on the show. This is the same for the
show American Pickers.

Alfred Hitchcock collected stained glass and used it
in films. Stained glass and how to make and manufacture it
was a study in England, France and Italy. My inheritance
is Tiffany's and the lamps that are made
that are Tiffany's aren't exactly stained glass.
Stained glass is used in churches including Catholic
churches with elaborate windows. The Hawthorne Theater
in Portland, Oregon has stained glass lampshades which
were extremely important to my uncle. He hung them and
the The Hawthorne Theater belongs to me and
is part of my inheritance. These lamp shades have been
mentioned in "The Oregonian" newspaper
as part of my inheritance with the Hawthorne Theater.
My uncle wanted me to study the manufacture of
stained glass and manufacture Tiffany's lamps as
well as becoming a jeweler in time and age.
Jewelry and diamonds are part of my inheritance.

See episode of Pawn Stars with items
of stained "gem" glass offered by "Tanya".
The episode includes a
3 Dog Night Yamaha Keyboard by "Danny Hutton" and album.

Here is stained glass that is part of my inheritance
that is being illegally offered for sale at
Sylvia's Jewelry and Antiques at
318 SW Alder St, Portland, Oregon.
Sylvia's has not yet been shut down and
is theft from my inheritance. It has been under
investigation and has been written about in
"The Oregonian" newspaper.

Here in the photo on the right is a framed piece
of stained glass that is part of my inheritance.
It is with other items that were used by my
biological uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, as film props
and personal items that he had in his homes and properties.

At the top of the stairs is a piece of framed
glass that my uncle called "The Royal Pantry Glass".
It was one of his favorite pieces. He wanted me to
help him hang it in a house so he could live in
Oregon and have it in a pantry dining area.
It was mentioned in the sit-coms
"Diff'rent Strokes", "Who's the Boss", and "Taxi".

Another of the items on Pawn Stars is
"The Lucky Luciano Ring". It is a novelty that my
uncle owned. It was mentioned in the sit-coms
"Maude", "Who's the Boss", and even "Happy Days".
You could order a ring like it in the back of
comic books and it was one of my uncle's favorites.

"Pawn Stars" also has one of my
favorite things which you can see in most episodes.
It is the signed photo of Henry Winkler, "Fonzie"!
"Happy Days" was one of my favorite
sit-coms as a child. Fonzie was the coolest and as
a child I had the opportunity to write some of
the episodes and change the sit-com. I am responsible
for the "New Arnold's" with both Al's.
"Notice the stained glass? It adds a royal touch!"
Richie Cunningham finally going to college
was my idea. And, of course, "Arnold's Restaurant"
had to serve Pepsi!!! I was able to write ideas
for the sit-com as my inheritance is the film
and television studios and my uncle took my
ideas to the studio, to Ron Howard, and to Henry Winkler.
My inheritance is Universal, Warner Brothers, and Disney.
Ron Howard directing major films was my idea.

I bought Cory, Chumlee, Rick and The 'Old Man on Pawn Stars
the Hi-Boy Roadster. It is my gift to the four staff
members of Pawn Stars.

I do not have photos of the lamp shades at
The Hawthorne Theater. There have been
published photos of these lamp shades with news stories
in "The Oregonian" newspaper.

WWE Wrestling needs to be scheduled.
"Bar Rescue" is currently playing on television
almost every day. Please take it off so that it
is only on in re-runs in a two hour block. Play it
once per week. WWE Wrestling is to be scheduled
on USA network on Mondays and Thursdays.
Put it on Mondays on at 7:PM and on Thursdays at 9:PM
Mondays will be rescheduled to a later time during
the NFL Football season so that the program starts
after Monday Night Football. Two hour blocks
of time for each WWE Wrestling block of time.
7:PM to 9:PM on Mondays and 9:PM to 11:PM on Thursdays.

I said I would explain where the name for "Archer"
comes from and how it relates to U.S. Army training and
the Presidential signed executions. Presidential signed
executions go around and say that they are elves. Now
what I mean by this is that they tell people that they
are like Dungeons and Dragons elves. So this is a practice
of Satanism and the Church of Satan. Let's say that you
go up to a Presidential signed execution like Nielsen
who works at the Washington County Jail and say:

"So you have to die as an execution and you have arrested
and harassed Donald Murphy who is a Green Beret and a Colonel
and also a U.S. Army Ranger sniper."

Officer Nielsen might say to you:
"So, I'm an elf. You can't come here. If you come
near me I will sick other elves on you."

So now you think what a bunch of bullshit. The woman
was sentenced to death for her crimes and she is with
other signed executions like Sharon Barger who is
a Hells Angel and a criminal. They are working at a jail
and run the court system. She went to prison in Arizona
and in Texas. The U.S. Army had soldiers claim to be
elves at the Army base at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
Some claimed to be Hobbits. This is so they could goof
law abiding citizens and Americans, murder, rape and
steal from them. You will learn this if you join the
U.S. Army. It is part of class when you join.

"There are no elves, no Hobbits, no Robin Hoods,
no Dungeons and Dragons and no Satans in the U.S. Army.
Goofy will not rob the bank and get away with it. You
will learn to shoot your weapon proficiently so you can
kill these people who threaten and kill America. They
have been sentenced to death and must die. The President
says they have to die. I am telling you they have to die.
I am instructing you that they will die and that you will
kill them to defend America as the President and the
United States Army orders. There is no archery in the
United States Army. The Army does not use elves. Your
M-16 weapon is not a bow and you are not an elf. You
will not become an elf, wear an elf, be a elf, be instructed
to be an elf, wear a hat like an elf, a beret does not
make you an elf, a Green Beret does not make you an archer
or an elf or Robin Hood, and you are an American human
being! You will remain an American human being until
the day you die. Elves do not exist and if you become
one I and other soldiers will be trained to kill you
in defense of this country. If I kill an elf I am not
an archer I am a proficient human being using a weapon
to kill you in defense of this country! Proficiency
with the M-16 weapon does not make you anything more
than a human being in the U.S. Army with that weapon.
You do not become an archer or an elf when you become
a sniper, an expert, a Ranger or a bad ass trigger finger
that wears a beret. You are not Strider in a J.R.R. Tolkien
novel that defends this country. You are not a ghost
or a dead man. You will not change your name to fool
or kill people. Insanity is not a defense for killing
the signed executions I have instructed you to kill.
If someone instructs you to change your name or fake
your death it is a crime punishable by execution.
There are no "black-ops ghosts" or
"change your name ghosts" or
"ghosts so you can kill people".
You are never a ghost, a dwarf or an elf!
You will never change your name or take another
soldier or American citizen's identity under
same penalty of execution. I am instructing you
to kill the executions who are guilty of these crimes!
You will never graduate to the status of execution
so that you can be a ghost, elf, dwarf or criminal that
has been sentenced to death. Green Berets and Rangers
are not ghosts or dead men until they die in combat
in defense of this country. Killing the executions
is defense of this country. There is no need to
defend someone killing the executions with the
defense of insanity. You are never insane! No
one in the United States Military is ever insane!
This is how the executions have gotten away with their crimes.
There is no insane so you can take someone else's identity
so they can kill people or the executions! You do not
need insanity to carry out the President's orders or
my instructions. I am instructing you that there is
no insanity even if you feel that way!
There is no "can't be famous", "can't own things",
"own too much", or "can't be a celebrity and be in the Army"
Everyone had their picture taken in uniform, that is fame!
Everyone gets to be Clint Eastwood and kill the executions!
Elvis was famous and he was in the Army! So was Clint Eastwood!
You get to be famous and own as much as capitalism will allow!
You will kill the executions and criminals that call themselves elves,
Hobbits and dwarves. Archery is not proficiency with
the rifle you use as a weapon! You will become an
expert in the use of the rifle and become an
expert Infantryman."

This is why my cartoon bears the name "Archer".

I am a sniper, a Ranger, a Green Beret and a Colonel.
I am attached to the 361st Infantry Rangers as a Green Beret.

The films Oculus and The Quiet Ones need
to be canceled. These films I have worked on and thought
about since I was a child. They cannot be released in
the form they are now. "The mirror film" is
mentioned in episodes of the sit-coms "Taxi",
"Who's the Boss" and "Cheers". The films
cannot be released or made until my inheritance is bestowed.

The new muppets movie "Muppets Most Wanted" has
been released with "The Lego Movie".
"The Lego Movie" was written by me when I wrote
"Pulp Fiction". I had the movie leaked on the
internet years ago and was not sure it would be possible
to leak the movie in that way. I said I would say something
about Kermit drinking a beverage that might be green.
"To Frog a Dew" is a slang term for drinking
Mountain Dew. Kermit, Miss Piggie, Bunsen Honeydew,
Beaker, Gonzo, and Beauregard drink Pepsi. I wrote it that
way years ago when I was a child even though
Beauregard and Kermit like coffee. Something about
Beauregard and Starbucks and Scooter and his uncle.
You'll have to watch the old episodes of The Muppet Show
for this. And Beaker drank something green in the lab one time
that caused problems for Honeydew and the other muppets.
It made all of the muppets dance!!!! I haven't gone to
see "The Lego Movie" yet in theaters. Quentin Tarantino
has been a problem for me. The restraining orders that
were taken out when I was a child were not obeyed and
he is in Oregon with Dana Carvey causing problem s
for me with other signed executions.

The VH-1 talk show program "The Gossip Table"
is to be approved by me! I like the show and recognize
the staff on the program! Hello to everyone on the show!

Conaco has been recognized by me. I have to
pay Conan O'Brian for his work for me. Thanks to Conan O'Brian!

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
3:34 am - Finished with previous entry!!!! Please read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!!! Please read!!!!

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3:21 am - Ed the Nam and "Hold your arm out mottled Mexican" or "Walk behind Mexican" are executions
Ed the Nam and "Hold your arm out mottled Mexican" or "Walk behind Mexican" are executions

Here are photos of "Ed the Nam" as
"The Captain", "Captain Funtastic", "Motley Crue Roadie",
"Band Problem Roadie", "The Problem with Motley Crue and Metallica",
"Deal drugs and steal inheritance Roadie",
"Steal from the band not the inheritance Roadie", "Hells Angel Thief Roadie",
"Ed Thief with Brian", "Captain Ed steals inheritance",
"Rape Captain Porn Thief Ed is a signed Viet-Nam Execution",
"Ed Nam is a signed execution that lies",
"Ed Nam Cop lies about being a Police Officer",
"There is no undercover and Ed lies about it to get away with his crime",
"Hells Angel Ed lies about his execution",
"Ed Nam with Jacob Murderer and Brian Thieves", and
"Ed Nam steals real estate with Jennifer".

These photos are of his alias of "The Captain".
"The Captain" lies about being a roadie for
the band Motley Crue and Metallica.
"Ed the Nam" is Brian Smith's father. Brian Smith
moved to Oregon from the State of Georgia so he could
steal from my inheritance with Ed's buddy Brian McGauvren.
Brian Smith and Brian McGauvren are Presidential signed executions.
"Ed the Nam" worked at Helen Swindell's Apartment complex
at 10 NW Broadway in Portland, Oregon. I took photos
of Jacob there. I also took video which is on You Tube
of Jacob. Here are the photos of "Ed the Nam".
"Ed the Nam" is wearing mercury to disguise
himself in these photos as "The Captain". He is
illegally working as a Tri-Met Bus driver as are other
Presidential signed executions.

Ed is with "Walk behind Mexican", "Mottled Mexican",
"Hold your arm out Mexican", "Sunburn the Arm Mexican",
"Mottled Mexican with the pink", "Pink Canteen Mexican with Ed",
"Pink Canteen Mottled Mexican", "Lie about Pink Mottled Mexican",
"Don't talk about the pink Mottled Mexican",
"Get out of execution with pink Mottled Mexican",
"Mottled Mexican is an execution with Ed the Nam",
and "Walk behind Mexican is a Murderer and a liar".

Here are photos of "Mottled Mexican". He is wearing
mercury to disguise himself in this photo. The pink
thing on his belt and his necklace have mercury on
them like the mercury "Spy Glasses" written
about in "The Oregonian" newspaper.

"Ed the Nam" at Helen Swindell's Apartments
on 10 NW Broadway Portland, Oregon where I used to live.
This is his appearance without the mercury disguise.

This is "Lesle Baby Killer" working at
Helen Swindell's Apartments on 10 NW Broadway Portland, Oregon.
Lesle is a Presidential signed execution that has stolen
from my inheritance. She also stole personal items
from my apartment while I was falsely incarcerated.
Presidential signed executions are working at the
Washington County Jail and Court System.

This is "Jacob Execution Thief" working at
Helen Swindell's Apartments on 10 NW Broadway Portland, Oregon.
Jacob is a Presidential signed execution that
has stolen from my inheritance and lied about his status as
a Green Beret in the U.S. Army. He moved here from the State
of Georgia where he murdered and raped in a hotel.

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Sunday, March 30th, 2014
6:59 am - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!

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3:38 am - New "American flag intro's" for "Pawn Stars" and "Counting Cars", plots for "Chozen" and "Archer"
New "American flag intro's" for "Pawn Stars" and "Counting Cars", plots for "Chozen" and "Archer"

"Pawn Stars" has a new trailer or introduction
and so does "Counting Cars". The intro's are the
"New American Trailers" which have been shown. "Pawn Stars"
has Cory with a motorcycle burn out and "Counting Cars"
has Danny standing in front of an American Flag background.
I want these new trailers to be used for the programs.
"American Restoration" has been canceled. Rick Dale
and his brother are Presidential signed executions and
Viet-Nam war veterans guilty of murder and theft. I own
the studio and "American Restoration" must be
taken off of the air immediately. Rick Dale used clown
make-up during the Viet-Nam war and murdered friendlies.
He has committed peace time murders and has stolen from me.
"American Restoration" should have been taken off
of television over a month ago when I explained Rick Dale
as an execution. Use the new "American trailers" for the
shows "Pawn Stars" and "Counting Cars".

"Chozen" plot:
Chozen and Crisco must have a discussion about Crisco's rap
career and record deal. "We're not going to be rappers..."
Chozen has just been to the club with Hunter. Chozen has had
a meeting with Hunter about rap music and record deals. Hunter
is "the hidden record executive." Crisco has met Jennifer.
It entertains Hunter that Crisco has met an old classmate, only
Hunter is gay. Hunter has decided that for Crisco to be what his
idea of a rap musician is that he must have sex with him. Hunter
has his reputation as a gay man with a club and will give Crisco
his record deal if he has sex with him. Crisco agrees to this
after having the conversation with Chozen. The recording agreement
is to be that Crisco must perform by himself on the record.
Jennifer is to be an employee of Hunter's so that Crisco's
performances are watched by her. That Jennifer is to watch
Crisco comes out at a scheduled performance in
"The Hood Club". "The Hood Club" is the
mixed club where there are black people, latin people, and white
people. Jennifer is at the door after Crisco's performance at
"The Hood Club". During the performance Chozen goes to the
bar where there is a man talking about how he is a Puerto Rican.
He is with another latin man who says: "So, I'm a Mexican".
Chozen orders a "Dirty Puerto Rican." The Puerto Rican man gives
a sly look. Chozen receives his drink and says to the Puerto Rican
man: "Do you like Crisco?" The Puerto Rican man says:
"We're going on a date, big boy!" Chozen finishes his
drink and leaves with the Puerto Rican man. They leave through
the front door of the club. Jennifer is not at the door. They
get into a green car and Chozen goes back to the Puerto Rican
man's house. The car arrives at the house and Chozen and the
Puerto Rican go into the front door of the house and that is
all you see for the episode. Crisco finishes his performance
and goes to the front door where Jennifer "Stink" is waiting.
Crisco is surprised by Jennifer as she places a towel around
Crisco's neck. She says to him: "Now we must finish the
evening. I'm in charge of your performances!"
She takes
him by the shoulders and puts him into the back of a limousine.
She gets in beside him. They go off to the "Pillar Motel."
Crisco has to have sex with her as she is put in charge
of his performances and appearances as a rap musician.
Jennifer "Stink" is an old flame of Crisco's. She has
come between Chozen and Crisco and now the two of them
have found that they are bitches to Hunter, the Puerto Rican
man, and to Jennifer "Stink."

The plot for "Chozen" episodes came from voicemails
to Joel Robison who's name is used in the original episodes.
This is the continuation of the plot as Crisco becomes
a successful rap musician and is used sexually by his
record executive Hunter and by an old flame.
"Chozen" is left to deal with Hunter and ideas about
the "Teddy Bear Club" and that Hunter is a gay
nightclub owner.

"Archer" plot:
I hope you are a fan of my cartoon and are following
the plot best you can! Pen names are used for "Archer."
"Adam Reed" is "A.R." which comes from
the civilian version of the M-16 rifle. "Pam Greer",
though this may be a name known to people as a model
or other comic personality, was chosen for the fact
that I had to work with "Kill Friendlies Go Home Greer"
in the U.S. Army. He is a Presidential signed execution.
"Amber Nash" is a name based upon a girl I met
in Spokane, Washington who was involved in pornography
that was made in Spokane, Washington. Amber worked with
my girlfriend Kendra. Kendra is
explained in previous journal entries about her
father and how he is a Viet-Nam veteran.
"Nash" could be "Gash",
but I chose a name that is that of a car.
I was born in Spokane, Washington.

Currently the characters are living in a house. Archer
has been to South America because he is getting cocaine
for use. Pam Poovey is a raging cocaine addict. Rather
than to be an agent, Archer is acquiring cocaine.

The Escobars are part of the plot. The question for
Archer is: "Have we met any Escobars?"

After returning from the trip to South America
Archer comes back to the house. Pam Poovey has
met some of the Escobars. They are in the house.
Not a hallucination? Yes, now it's time to make
a drug deal and Pam introduces the Escobars to
Archer. Note that the logo for Archer looks like
that of the old "Miami Vice" television show.
Pepe, Cinchi, Jose, Jaime', and Pedro are Escobars.
Pam brings them to the dining room table. Archer
must sit down with them and make his drug deal.
He has been to South America looking for them.
Pam has had sex with Cinchi. She has used at
least four ounces of cocaine.

This sounds familiar because I wrote this
on Joel Robison's voicemails and the plot was
not carried out in episodes of Archer. As it was
in the episodes it is "a memory" or "a memory of a voicemail."

Archer makes a deal at the dining room table
to buy two suitcases full of cocaine. He buys
it for $1 million dollars.

"The memory of
two million dollars is too much."

The Escobars leave the two suitcases at the
dining room table and are taken to the front
door of the house where they get into a
helicopter and leave. Cinchi is drunk and
stoned and must be helped into the helicopter.
Pedro is last to get into the helicopter and
has sunglasses on. He has a pistol in his
hand and waves at Archer and smiles while
getting into the helicopter. The helicopter
takes off and Archer goes into the house.

"Hasn't this already happened? Haven't
we already hallucinated these things? Haven't
you already had sex with your sister?"

Archer goes back to the suitcases and takes
them into Pam Poovey's room so they can snort
and have sex. Pam has already had sex with

"Archer likes seconds. This hasn't been
illustrated yet. It gets illustrated when?"

Archer falls asleep in Pam's bed. Pam puts
on a bikini and goes outside of the house.
Archer gets out of bed while Pam is outside
and he puts on his bathrobe. He has a sleeping
cap and a pipe. He packs his pipe and goes
out to the dining room table where there is
a typewriter. He sits at the table and puts
on glasses and begins to type at the typewriter.
It is an old fashioned typewriter with a
roller that feeds paper. Pam comes in in
her bikini.

"This time it isn't a hallucination and
we have to show the things that happened.
We just talk about the things that happened."

Pam takes off her bikini in front of Archer
while he types at the typewriter. They go
off into the shower while grandma comes in
to take the suitcases into the safe.

This is the illustration episode I spoke
about on Joel Robison's voicemails. Joel
Robison's name is also used in Archer.

Georgia studios is created and
founded by me. Please put my name in
the credits of "Chozen" and "Archer"
as the creator and producer.

The new 300 film "300 Rise of an Empire"
has a pen name in it. It is that of Zack Snyder.
Frank Miller must be given credit for the film.
Zack Wylde played guitar with Ozzy Osbourne.
Dee Snyder is in the band "Twisted Sister."
I wanted to use the "Black Sabbath" song
"Warpigs" for the film. In the
credits at the end of the film there is
"Black Sabbath records". I wanted
to pay the members of "Black Sabbath"
one million dollars each for use of the song.
"Warner Brothers" owns the rights
to "Black Sabbath" recordings.
Part of my inheritance is "Warner Brothers".
The credits at the end of the film must
be changed to reflect the pen name and
payment to the members of "Black Sabbath".
Each member of "Black Sabbath" is to
receive one million dollars for use of the
song in the film. Bill Ward is my biological
uncle. He is the drummer for "Black Sabbath".
He is not responsible for the theft and embezzlement
from my inheritance that other family members are.
When I was a child I bought him a house in
Portland, Oregon so he could stay here.
I played the drums with him when I was a child.

Quentin Tarantino is a signed execution. This
is explained below. He is here in Oregon trying
to have me evicted from the house I am living
at in Hillsboro, Oregon with other signed executions
including "Eviction Jennifer", "Janet Jennifer",
"Jeff Cleveland Jennifer", "Jennifer Thief",
"Jump Jennifer with Brian Thief", "Jennifer Ill with Sonny",
"Jennifer Disguise with Janet and Ed the Nam",
"Jennifer Real Estate", "Jennifer Inheritance Thief",
"Inheritance Thieves with Janet", and
"Brian and Jennifer Inheritance Thieves with drug deals."

Jennifer Rigutto has visited the house
where I am living at so she can have me
evicted. Her partner, who is also a signed
execution, is Brian Kelly. He is working
for the Lifeworks mental health agency
in Hillsboro, Oregon. They are both guilty
of theft from my inheritance. Jennifer is
known for wearing the "Spy Glasses"
which were written about in
"The Oregonian" newspaper. This is
why one of her knicknames is "Jennifer Disguise".
She is also in possession of clothing that
is mercury that will disguise a person's
appearance. The clothing was illegally stolen.
Jamie Corbin is pictured previous entries
with a mercury purse that was made by my uncle.
Alfred Hitchcock made the mercury "Spy Glasses".
The Hells Angels and other signed executions
have stolen them and used them illegally
which is why they are executions.
Sharon Barger and her sister Janet have
been in the house where I am living
in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
2:31 am - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!!

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2:02 am - Sit-Coms including "Community" with Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong, "Justified" based on "Preacher" comic
Sit-Coms including "Community" with Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong, "Justified" based on "Preacher" comic book

I have to take this time to approve the sit-com "Community".
"Community" stars actors Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong.
Ken Jeong was in the movie "The Hangover" which I
wrote at the same time as "Bruno". I have to say
to Ken Jeong and other actors and actresses that Alan from
"The Hangover" is a problem. Alan was going to kill
me when I was a child. Ken Jeong was there. How Alan was
going to kill me is how I met Farrah Abraham. This was
written about in the sit-coms "Three's Company",
"Who's the Boss", "Cheers", and "Diff'rent Strokes"
Alan agreed to do the sit-coms and "Diff'rent Strokes"
explained that he was a murderer that wouldn't leave me
alone. In exchange for doing the episode of "Diff'rent Strokes"
Alan had to receive a restraining order against me and never
speak, talk to, or contact me again!! He is also, obviously,
not to take advantage of or steal from the inheritance!!!

This is also mentioned in episodes of "Taxi".
Quentin Tarantino is also mentioned in these episodes
and so is Farrah Abraham. Alan and Quentin Tarantino
were sentenced to death before I met them as a child
and have broken restraining orders against me and have
stolen from my inheritance. There have been magazine
and tabloid news stories about this. Alan also broke the law
when the movie "The Hangover" was made. Ken Jeong
is a very nice person that is to be paid for his entertainment
and work on "The Hangover" and on the new sit-com "Community".
Thanks to Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong for making a great
sit-com based upon my ideas! "Community" is on FOX
or KPDX in the local Portland, Oregon or Hillsboro, Oregon area.

"Parks and Recreation" stars my sister Amy Poeler.
Amy actually has several names. I call her "Cindy" or "P.J."
She also is called "Judy." Amy Poeler was on
"Saturday Night Live" and did the "Doritos, Burritos!"
jokes. When I was a child Amy did her character in the
kitchen of my mobile home house in Oregon City, Oregon.
She had me laughing on the ground! I told her she would
one day be on "Saturday Night Live" and meet
Chevy Chase!! I was babysitting my sister Holly Day
at the time. "Alan" is mentioned in jokes
or plots with Amy's characters because I asked her for
help with him when I was a child. I wanted my sister to
help me so Alan would never contact me or steal from me.
I am approving my sister's sit-com "Parks and Recreation"
for a new season.

"Justified" is a new series based upon
Garth Ennis' comic books including "Preacher".
It is on the FX Channel. I could mention my uncle,
Alfred Hitchcock, in relation to these comic books.

"Community" with Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong.

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
11:09 pm - Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!! Previous entry added to!!! Please re-read!!!!
Finished with previous entry!!! Please read!!! Previous entry added to!!! Please re-read!!!!

I've added to the previous entry. Please re-read!!!

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11:07 pm - I went to Pasco, WA and stayed in Kennewick, WA also saw 300 at Lloyd Cinemas
I went to Pasco, WA and stayed in Kennewick, WA also saw 300 at Lloyd Cinemas

I took the train to Pasco, Washington over the weekend.
I had problems with the executions, some of them celebrities,
following me and running the train station, bus station
and motels. "Miscellaneous Mexican" is
working at The Mariott Hotel downtown Portland, Oregon
on Broadway. He is a signed execution guilty of theft
and bank robbery. I do not have his photograph, but I
have other photos from the trip.
"Miscellaneous Mexican"
is a Presidential signed execution guilty of bank
robbery, fraud, embezzlement, rape, and murder.
Drill Sergeants in the U.S. Army teach that
"Fraud on the Phone Mexican ruins Vacations
and takes over Banking Institutions"

is a signed execution that takes over phone
communications and embezzles and steals with
use of the phone. Drill Sergeants teach that:
"Fraud on the phone Mexican steals from
the inheritance in Mexico and the United States.
He is a thief and murderer that takes over
banking institutions and has stolen with other
executions. He and his family members have
stolen from someone else's inheritance and
they steal from private bank accounts in
white collar crime so the executions can
have money and continue embezzling and stealing.
Miscellaneous Fraud Mexican steals with Dana Carvey
and they play friend and enemy with each other so Dana can
get him out of trouble with the other executions.
Dana Carvey is a rapist and Viet-Nam Veteran
that was guilty of murder and sentenced to death
by the President for his crimes in Viet-Nam.
If fraud on the phone Mexican becomes someone
other than the employee that worked at the
hotel you stayed at, then the other employees
that help him are executions. It has been
documented that Mexicans and black Americans
help him to commit his crimes and they are
Presidential executions that break the law
in order to steal and embezzle from inheritance.
There is only one Mexican male that worked at
the hotel where you stayed and that is the
one Mexican that was working at the business
where your credit card or bank card was stolen
from. This Mexican has a name, an identity
and a face and was employed at the hotel
and contacted you on the phone. He also
has a signature and the ability to sign checks."

He is also called "Fraud on the phone Mexican ruins your Motel stay".
This is also called:
"Lee Ermey catches
Mexicans, Ed Nam and himself as an execution,
but never lies, cheats or steals his way out of
his own execution as a mass murderer with
other executions including Dana Carvey"

Also called:
"Lee Ermey all inclusive murders and embezzlement
will not be caught and executed and Lee speaks
out on himself while getting away"

These are knicknames used by U.S. Army
personnel. Knicknames describe and identify
Presidential signed executions. They are
used in cadences and instructions by
U.S. Army Drill Sergeants to describe
the executions and their crimes. Every
signed execution has been sentenced to
death by Presidential signature. The
quotes come from U.S. Army Drill Sergeants
during their instruction.

I've written about Lee Ermey in past journal
entries and what he did in Viet-Nam by disobeying
the President's orders and how he carried out
artillery fire onto friendly soldiers when he
was supposed to be pulling out of Viet-Nam
on a helicopter. The friendly soldiers were
supposed to be evacuated by helicopter
and Lee refused to allow the helicopter to
let them go home. He loaded a small
artillery piece called a "czerk cannon"
with a magazine and ordered it taken
into the air by the helicopter so that
it would fire onto the friendly soldiers
while it was being lifted into the air.
"Czerk cannon" is a slang term for
the artillery piece. The small artillery
cannon is made in plastic war models.
The U.S. Army no longer uses this cannon.
The artillery piece takes magazines.
Lee Ermey has tried to use the cannon to get
out of his own execution claiming that
he did not know how to load or operate
the cannon or artillery piece and saying
that he meant to shoot fireworks over
the heads of soldiers before
they left the war. He also used the
excuse that he was a Marine and did
not know how to fire or operate the
cannon and he was just loading it
to be moved before soldiers were
evacuated claiming that equipment
was more important than the soldier's lives.

Some of Brian McGauvren's relatives wearing Mexican
disguises were working at the Taco Bell in
Kennewick, Washington. I ate at the Taco Bell
in Kennewick, Washington and did not
take the employee's photographs there either.
At least one of the employees was wearing the "Spy Glasses"
that were written about in The Oregonian.
I recognized this as she waited on me.
The Mexican employees have been caught
in the State of Texas and in Mexico.
They are guilty of theft from my inheritance.
They are called "Brian's Mexicans that steal".
Also called "Brian and Thompson's Mexicans that steal
from the inheritance"

Male Officer Thompson works at the Washington County
Jail. Female Officer Thompson is Sharon Barger
of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. They run
the Washington County Jail and court system.
Judge Rick Knapp, a Viet-Nam War Veteran, is
one of their judges that has been sentenced to
death for his war crimes. He is
"Clown Execution Judge"
and I've explained the clown executions
in previous entries and how and why they
were sentenced to death. They include Rick Dale
of American Restoration. If you defend
the clown executions or make up excuses for
them than you yourself are also an execution.
The "clown executions" have been investigated by
the U.S. Army and the United States of America
and were sentenced to death for their crimes.
Clown make-up is not camouflage and anyone making
up this as an excuse for the men sentenced to
death as "clown executions" is an execution
themselves. Scott Jones of Counting Cars
is mentioned in a previous entry about
the "clown executions." I own the cars on
the program Counting Cars.

I was treated poorly at Lloyd Center Cinemas outside
the Lloyd Mall upon my return when I went to see
300: Rise of an Empire.
The film is great!
Previews for a new Transformers movie are being shown
with Donnie Wahlberg. This film must
be canceled. I am the creator and owner of Transformers.
Donnie Wahlberg is not to appear in any Transformers
movies or any other fame projects until the Presidential
signed executions are solved. Fame projects go
through my inheritance. Howie Mandel's projects
are also to be canceled as are any new
Spiderman movies. There are also
previews for horror movies that are not to
be released or made. The horror movies
include a "Mirror Horror Movie".
Cancel the horror movies and Spiderman movie
as I mentioned about previously.

300: Rise of an Empire
is a Warner Brothers film. Note that
Warner Brothers is part of my
inheritance and that is why the film is not
a "Dark Horse Film Production" or
"Dark Horse Legend Films with Frank Miller".
Making 300: Rise of an Empire a
Warner Brothers film proves my inheritance.

The original 300 film as shown in theaters showed
the Dark Horse Legend logo and production company.
I'm sure this can be found in the film DVD's and
showings. Frank Miller is extremely important to
me and works for Dark Horse Comics working on
comics that are scripts for films written by my
uncle Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock wrote
the original film "Sin City", it was supposed
to be a television series. "Sin City" by
Frank Miller is a black and white comic book
specifically because of my uncle's ideas
about black and white film. My name is
credited with my uncle's in comics. Frank Miller
makes black and white comic books because of my
uncle's ideas about black and white film and
it's effect on the movies that he made.
Psycho was released in black
and white and later released in a different
color film by my uncle. The two films are
not the same. Frank Miller has made black
and white comics for Dark Horse and
color comics for Marvel such as
Wolverine and Daredevil. He has
also made color comics for DC such
as Batman.

I returned from Pasco, Washington on the Greyhound
Bus. I was overcharged and had people screwing with
my bank transactions. I have filed a fraud claim
against The Mariott and this will be against
"Miscellaneous Fraud Mexican" and The Mariott
. Dana Carvey followed me to Pasco, Washington
and wore the "Spy Glasses". He is a Viet-Nam veteran
and murderer and I am sick and tired of his bullshit
with the other executions to include some of my
biological family and Hells Angels. Lee Ermey is
a signed execution and also followed me while using
the "Spy Glasses" on the Amtrak train. Dana Carvey was
also working with other executions at The Mariott
where I stayed. Dana Carvey wore the mercury "Spy Glasses"
and I recognized his voice. I was told that he
had threatened the cast of Duck Dynasty and
will not allow them to file a lawsuit on my behalf.
The cast of Duck Dynasty cannot
recognize me, my inheritance, or the fact that I
am famous and own and invented the duck calls
and the television show Duck Dynasty.
The same threats have been made to cast members
of Pawn Stars and Counting Cars
so that Presidential signed executions can continue
to get away with their crimes and continue stating
that I am a mentally ill person with my biological
brother David Otter. David Otter and other signed executions
that work in Salem, Oregon such as "Lana Baby Killer",
"Lori Black Murder Baby Killler",
Molly Ringwald, who is my biological sister,
are trying to take my inheritance with other
executions who I am biologically related to.
Jamie Corbin is my biological cousin and
is pictured below in previous entries.
She lived in the State of Georgia with
David Otter and moved here so they could
take the inheritance. She is called "Inside Jamie".
Si of Duck Dynasty is one of
my biological uncles and is also
a Viet-Nam veteran that is supposed to receive
at least 7 medals of honor for the opposite
of what Dana Carvey and Rick Dale are guilty of.

American Restoration is still on television
and Rick "Restoration" Dale is in Oregon helping
Dana Carvey to murder Oregonians and take over
businesses including banking institutions and
motels. American Restoration is to be taken
off of television. Pawn Stars and
Counting Cars are to put up the fence around
the restoration compound and to lock up my
property as was planned in the event that
Rick Dale becomes a problem. This was planned
when I was a child. This is when I met
the cast members of Pawn Stars and
Counting Cars.

Quentin Tarantino is also a Presidential signed
execution. He is "Shoot the Q Murderer with
Inheritance Embezzlement"
as taught by the
U.S. Army. When a Drill Sergeant asks a trainee
"What is Q embezzlement? Shoot one man Q
and you've found all Marvin!"

they are talking about Quentin Tarantino.
Quentin Tarantino knew my uncle Alfred Hitchcock.
He was jealous of my inheritance and of my
uncle. I met him as a child in Oregon City, Oregon.
He also threatened me as a child. Quentin is
a psychopathic murderer. My uncle sent him to
Japan thinking that a Japanese Samurai would one
day take his life for what the man really is.
Quentin ended up learning Japanese and became
an artist. He is David Mack. He planned on
murdering me and claiming my identity so he could
own my inheritance. This is known by the U.S. Army
and by some of my biological sisters. My biological sisters
and family members expect him to murder
me so they can take the inheritance.
David Otter and Jamie Corbin are involved in this.
Quentin Tarantino and my biological family
members have been spending my inheritance and
stealing from me long before the comic book
Kabuki and the film "Pulp Fiction" was made.
Quentin Tarantino was in the "Marco Polo" mini series
that was shown on television in 1982. He was killed
by a samurai in the television series with a katana.
I helped write this scene with my biological uncle.
This is how my uncle thought he would die and the
scene was written. Quentin was to be imprisoned after
the mini-series so he could not threaten me, Kendra
or Alyssa Milano ever again. He was a signed
Presidential execution when I met him as a child.
"Marco Polo" was supposed to get rid of Quentin
and Dana Carvey and the executions were supposed
to take place.

My name, Donald Murphy, is credited in the very first
Caliber Kabuki comics with the name David Mack.
I am the creator of the comic book character Kabuki.
I also wrote "Pulp Fiction". Eugene Pomeroy is who
I spoke to and wrote these scripts in front of.
His name is in at least one of the Kabuki comics
as I wrote. It should say: "As dictated to
Eugene Pomeroy."

Marco Polo television mini-series 1982:

I have more to write about Farrah and mention of
her on the sit-coms "Taxi", "Who's the Boss",
and "Cheers". Quentin Tarantino is also
mentioned in these sit-coms. There is
a person named Kim that tried
to take the identity of Farrah and fool me when I
was a child so she could murder me and take the
inheritance with some of the Hells Angels.
Farrah and Kim were two different people and I
wrote about this so it could be shown in the
sit-coms. Writing about my problems with
Farrah and Quentin was also supposed to protect
Alyssa Milano from any harm these people might
inflict upon me while trying to own my inheritance.
Kendra was also supposed to be protected and is
mentioned in "Taxi". Alex had her own
sit-com and I thought she would be protected,
but her sit-com has been censored. Lars Ulrich
played her chauffeur in her sit-com and I thought
that when Metallica became what it is
as a band that Alex would contact me and be protected.
Farrah is also mentioned in episodes of the
sit-coms "Three's Company" and "Diff'rent Strokes".

Quentin Tarantino and all of his fame aliases are
executions. Dana Carvey and Lee Ermey are also
Presidential signed executions. The mercury
"Spy Glasses" need to be taken away from them.
Quentin Tarantino's execution and his aliases
have been written about in magazines and in
tabloids. The "Spy Glasses" have been
written about in The Oregonian newspaper.

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Monday, March 10th, 2014
10:01 am - Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please read!!! Added to!!!
Finished with previous journal entry!!! Please read!!! Added to!!!

The previous entry was added to. Please re-read!!!

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8:56 am - 300 Rise of an Empire in theaters by Frank Miller, Dark Horse Comics, Gas Monkey artist
300 Rise of an Empire in theaters by Frank Miller, Dark Horse Comics, Gas Monkey artist

300 Rose of an Empire is in theaters. This film is part
of my "Ryse Roman" plan to educate people about
Presidential signed executions. The U.S. Army teaches
about Roman battle techniques and uses a Roman armor
breast for the Department of the Army seal and for
the US Army flag. The US Army Military Police use
what is called a "bot" cord for the MP Uniform.
A Roman "bot" was a piece of rope tied with knots
so as to be used as handcuffs by Roman military
soldiers. The US Army MP bot cord is part of the
history and teachings of the US Army. See previous
entries about my biological sister Lily who played
the "band camp girl" in the film "American Pie"
and the award of my bot cord. I have a higher
bot cord then when that one was awarded due to
my sister's Army service.

A bot cord is not worn
on my uniform due to the fact that I am a military
drag and voice of prosecution at a military trial.
I am a US Military Prosecutor and Army drag. It is
my job to carry out the prosecutions of the signed
Presidential executions. I am also a US Army sniper
and a Green Beret Colonel. This fact has been used
against me by signed Presidential executions and
members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
It has also been used against me by celebrities
who are guilty of crimes that make then signed
executions. The celebrity crimes include rape,
murder, bank robbery, embezzlement, usurpment
of my inheritance, and degradation of our country
by racketeering and illegal use of police uniforms,
judicial system, court rooms and our justice system.
Conan O'Brian is also a celebrity that is in
the US Army as a Green Beret and Viet Nam
veteran that works with me and is assigned to
me as a Special Forces Soldier and US Army
Honor Guard. His celebrity status and Viet Nam
war time service also outweighs the crimes of
other celebrities sentenced to death.

The signed executions are referred to as
"Marvin the Martian" in cadences and teachings.
This goes back to President John F. Kennedy's
assassination and his speech about an alien.
The so called "alien" is my relative Andrew Lang.
Andrew Lang with my biological brother David Otter
and his homosexual lover Tom Lyles are guilty of
crimes involving Satanism, white collar bank
robbery, illegal diagnosis of mental illness,
sacrificial murder and rape, and illegal hidden
cupboard meetings so as to achieve their crimes
which is a violation of what are referred to
as "Benjamin Franklin laws." Benjamin Franklin
laws protect every American citizen from other
citizens having hidden meetings in order to target
or degrade and steal from the target citizens or
families. The Florida and Texas killings and
Michigan killings were done by the Presidential
signed executions. These killings were written
about in newspapers.

David Otter is my biological brother and is also
Burl Ives' son. His knicknames include:
"David Love", "David Insane", "David Disguise",
"David Hostess Murder", "David Murder Army",
"David with Dwighty Whitey", "David Alien",
"David Child Molestor", "David Gay", "Atlanta
David Child Killer", "David Satan", "David
Steals Inheritance", and "David and Janet Death".

Janet is Sharon Barger's sister. They are both
members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and
stole from my inheritance with members of my
biological family to include some of my biological
sisters and actor Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen is one
of my biological cousins and was a signed execution
when I joined the US Army. Janet lived at
Helen Swindell's Apartments when I lived in
Portland, Oregon. She now has a house near me
in Hillsboro, Oregon so she can continue
harassing me with her sister Sharon Barger.
The house I live in was paid for with stolen
money from my inheritance. Janet and Sharon
have houses behind and near or down the road
from where I live. Those houses were also
paid for with money stolen from my inheritance.
I live with one of Brian McGauvren's relatives.

Seth Rogen's goal was to take
my inheritance and give it to the rest of the
family with my biological brother David Otter.
Seth Rogen is guilty of murder and rape. His films
were either written by me or use footage and
scripts by my biological uncle Alfred Hitchcock.
This has been written about in Rolling Stone
magazine. When I was a child he told me he was
going to kill me and give half of the inheritance
to my sisters who lived in the farm. Molly Ringwald
is one of my biological sisters and is a signed
execution for murder, shooting and robbery. She
was in Salem, Oregon Mental Institution with
David Otter when I was recently incarcerated there
falsely. She was a signed Presidential execution
for her crimes when I joined the US Army in 1987
unlike Lily who is also an actress and a red head.
Lily is actress Alyson Hannigan. She played in
a US Army band in the State of Georgia and is
also a very well trained US Army Airborne soldier.

Lily's Army service outweighs the crimes of Molly
and the fact that Molly has been sentenced to
death with other celebrities for crimes that
include murder, rape and drug dealing. Use of
"Mercury Spy Glasses" is how the executions
disguised themselves so they could get away
with their crimes. The "Mercury Spy Glasses"
were invented by my biological uncle Alfred Hitchcock
and were stolen from my inheritance items which were
stored in Portland, Oregon and in Oregon City, Oregon.
"Mercury Spy Glasses" were publicized in
the local paper "The Oregonian". Stolen from
my inheritance are items from "Sylvia's Antiques"
including the shop sign pictured in the previous entry,
items from "EWF Modern" Furniture Store,
Vaporizers and smoking articles that are non-patented
as publicized in Cigar Magazine, and art
sculptures and objects installed in Oregon and in
the City of Portland. The shops and stores are
still illegally open and selling items that belong
to me.

Presidential signed executions working at the
Washington County Jail and in Salem, Oregon
Mental Institution include:
"Lori Madonna Baby Killer" -- Officer J. Lee
"Nielsen TV Time Rapist" -- Officer Nielsen
"Change your name Adams, the Commandant Cannibals brother" -- Officer C. Adams
"Sharon Barger" -- Officer Thompson
"Wally Ice Cream" -- Viet Nam Veteran and actor from "Leave it to Beaver"
"McKinley Tank Death Prejudice Nam Killer" -- Officer McKinley Viet Nam veteran
"Rick Clown Judge with Pedophile Rape and Porn" -- Judge Rick Knapp Viet Nam veteran
"Lana Insane, Camp Straight Jacket Lana, Lana Steals Porn and Inheritance" -- Lana in Salem, OR
"Lori Black Death Baby Killer" -- Lori or Lauren in Salem, OR
"JP Baby Killer with brother death" -- JP in Salem, OR
"Princess Starfish Melissa" -- Officer Breshears at Washington County Jail
"Piss your Pants Nance, Nance the Dummy, Execution Nance" -- Officer Nance at Washington County Jail

Jamie Corbin is one of my biological cousins
that is also guilty of theft and usurpment from
my inheritance. She is pictured in a previous
journal entry wearing mercury disguise articles
like the "Mercury Spy Glasses." She is also a
Presidential signed execution. Her knicknames
include "Jamie Baby Killer", "Jamie Insane with David",
"Jamie Georgia Insane", "Jamie Steals Inheritance"
She lived in the State of Georgia with my biological
brother David Otter before moving to Oregon so as
to steal my inheritance with Luann Miller "Lulu Belle"
and Linda Kiefer "Linda Hustler" and Brian McGauvran,
Brian Smith amd Joe Klein. Joe Klein lived in the
State of Georgia and is related Janet who is
Sharon Barger's sister. He is a Viet-Nam veteran
and a signed execution. At least two Pontiac
cars were stolen from my car collection and given
to Joe Klein. One of them is a panel van and
the other a Pontiac Grand Prix. The Grand Prix
is black and the panel van is "bubblegum".
"Bubblegum" is a term that refers to
"gumming the paint" of a vehicle so it
can be painted like primer before painting.
Joe Klein lived with Brian Smith. Brian is
"Nice guy Brian", "Brian and Dawn Hustler",
"Brian kills babies with Dawn", "Dawn Nightingale
Baby Death", "Brian and Samantha kill babies",
"Brian and Samantha practice Satanism", "Brian
and Samantha kill babies", "Brian kills infants",
and "Brian and Samantha Steal inheritance."

Brian Smith's father is "Ed Nam." "Ed Nam"
worked at Helen Swindell's Apartment complex.
I filmed him and the film is on You Tube.
"Ed Nam" is a Viet-Nam War veteran that is guilty
of killing friendly soldiers during the Viet-Nam
War. He is also "Motley Crue Ed" and he puts on
a disguise with long blonde hair so he can pose
as a concert rodie. This concert disguise is also
called "Mr. Funtastic", "Carnival Ed",
"Carnival Ed rapes and kidnaps", "Carnival Ed
rapes with son Brian", and "Two Brian Rape".

As I've said, these people moved here from
Texas and Georgia so they could steal my inheritance
with my biological brother David Otter.
Rick Setnicker is also guilty of stealing cars
from my collection. His knicknames include
"Rick Steals Houses", "Rick and Adam the
buttboys", "Rick and Adam Gay", "Real Satanism Rick
and Real Satanism Adam kill and steal houses",
and "Rick and Linda steal in Texas".

Rick Setnicker's partner is Adam Fein. They
are guilty of stealing an MG Car from my inheritance
and an Austin Healey. They also stole a signed
David Bowie record album that was placed in
storage by my uncle Alfred Hitchcock.

These people, the signed executions, have
been sentenced to death by Presidential
signed executions and US Military investigation. They have
illegally harassed and arrested me and incarcerated me
in an illegally taken and ran installation, that being
Correctional Institutions and Court Rooms.
These people are defects and criminals, some of them Viet Nam Veterans
guilty of committing murder during the Viet Nam War,
they killed their friendly soldiers during war. They
are currently taking and illegally running the grocery
stores where I shop to include Aloha, Fred Meyer and
Cornelius, Winco. Sharon Barger and Janet have hired
their Hells Angel Club members to work at these stores
and retail locations so they can control retail businesses
and steal money and products from the store. The Hells
Angels steal food and drink for their pic-nics and
for personal consumption. They also steal from the
cash register 'til and take control of the local banks
making it easier for their placed personnel to steal
from retail businesses. This makes them a threat to
our banking system and country.

I am a US Army Ranger and Green Beret. Anyone
speaking out on this is themselves an execution,
thief and liar. I am a Colonel assigned to the
361st Ranger Inf. Identifying these executions
and carrying them out is my duty.

Farrah Abraham is someone that I knew as a child.
I am very excited to see her on television and on
VH-1!! I look forward to seeing her and taking
my inheritance!! I have a special gift for her!
I do believe that she is in a new Taco Bell commercial.

Gas Monkey needs money for the Trans-Am
contest. I just gave them $1 million for purchase
of cars for the show. I need to give them another
$1 million for the contest. 10,000 contest entrants
are to receive $100. each!! I also want to give
Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman another
$1 million dollars for budget and support from
Sears Craftsman Tools. Sears Department
Stores are part of my inheritance. I want to
see a "Craftsman Tool" banner in the shop and
garage and new tools for the entire shop!!!
I am talking to the studio and to
Discovery Channel as I am making decisions
with the show. So that is a total of
$2 million dollars for the show and new tools
for the shop to include roll-aways and tool
boxes and air tools for Aaron's Kaeser
air compressor and t-shirt!!! Also,
keep that shop fridge stocked with
Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew
as Dale Earnhardt Jr. had delivered!!

Gas Monkey art work is done
by Dark Horse Comics artist
Frank Miller. Frank Miller
knew my biological uncle Alfred Hitchcock.
This is why he works for Dark Horse Comics
which I founded as a child!!! You'll find
my name as a creator in some of the
Dark Horse Comics. I am also
the creator of Transformers and
script writer and creator for the
Transformers movies. You can
see my name in the credits of the
movie next to Stephen Spielberg. My
name is also in the comic books as
the creator.

300 Rise of an Empire in theaters by Frank Miller:

Looks like Farrah Abraham!!! Farrah Abraham is
a very special person to me!! She knew me as a
child. I have a very special gift for her
when I get my inheritance!! The news stories
about her are to draw attention to her so I
can comment and do things!! Hope everyone
enjoyed a Good Valentine's Day with your
girlfriends and love interests. I want to
say to her to be careful!! I can't wait
to see you!! I also can't wait to see
Kendra, Alyssa Milano and Alex!!
Happy Valentine's Day to Kendra,
Alyssa Milano and Alex!!!

I have to say for "Duck Dynasty" that
the vehicles used on the show with "Duck Dynasty"
logos are company property and at the end
of the show new trucks will be purchased for
the cast members. Also, do not televise or
use the character of "Mountain Man". Please
fill Uncle Si's tea glass with Mountain Dew
and install Pepsi and Mountain Dew soda
machines outside of the "Duck Commander"
production and office building!!! Please
show new episodes on A and E Channel and
not on the internet!!!

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