Moe Szyslak Donald Murphy (moe1409szyslak) wrote,
Moe Szyslak Donald Murphy


Sharon Barger is Ralph "Sonny" Barger's ex-wife. Sonny Barger was the president of the HELLS ANGELS. She wanted me to be a HELLS ANGEL or an OUTLAW. She stabbed my mother (Mildred Sue Murphy) with a windshield breaking device.

Since all of these things have taken place she has claimed to be my mother, has been screwing with my father (Simon Murphy), told people I was in Salem for rape, and all kinds of crap.

She kidnapped Tonya's daughter. She also took items belonging to me and sent them off to California to the Hells Angels.

She has long dark hair, is probably in her sixties, recently got all of her teeth capped, should have tattoos on both arms. She usually wears long sleeves so you can't see them.
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