Moe Szyslak Donald Murphy (moe1409szyslak) wrote,
Moe Szyslak Donald Murphy

I was kicked out of MUV Fitness in Spokane, Washington.... Not 24 Hour Fitness.......

I was kicked out of MUV Fitness in Spokane, Washington.... Not 24 Hour Fitness.......

I was kicked out of MUV Fitness which is in Spokane, Washington.
"Chelsea Phone Executions with Bob Costas Gym Executions"
kicked me out of the gym facility. The person that kicked me out
had previously kicked me out of Hillsboro Sport 24 Hour Fitness
in Hillsboro, Oregon. The man is a whop as in a fat, ugly
hair grease Italian looking guy that was speaking to Craig Preston
who is also a Presidential Signed Execution.

These people with Chelsea Phone Executions are
also called:
"Bob Costas Mafia Rape Executions"
"Bob Costas and Greg Gumbel Rape Porn Executions"
"Bob Costas Gym Rape Executions with Chelsea Control Phone Executions"
"Craig Preston, Bob Costas Rape Porn Executions with Mafia Goombas"
"Prevent Health Club Memberships Bob Costas Rapist Executions"
"Health Club Rape Club Executions with Bob Costas"
"Bob Costas kidnap Fiance' Inheritance Executions with Prevent Fiance' girlfriend"
"Rape the Fiance' of Don Murphy Inheritance Executions"
"Kidnap Kendra Plewes and Fiance' Rape Executions with Bob Costas and Greg Gumbel"

Kendra Plewes is my girlfriend and was kidnapped and raped
by these people. Bob Costas and Steve Martin are guilty
in the crimes with Craig Preston and other members of the
Church of Satan. Howard Stern is involved in
the kidnapping and rape of Kendra Plewes, Alyssa Milano,
and Alex Van Houten and so is Bob Costas. Michael McKean
the actor who played "Lenny" and "Laverne and Shirley" is
also involved.

Nothing has been done about the Transportation Executions I have
photographed and identified. In fact I was banned from the Spokane
Transit Bus System.
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