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Slipknot video with my art, Upper Playground "David Choe" art is mine with pen name,

Slipknot video with my art, Upper Playground "David Choe" art is mine with pen name,

a while back in this journal I wrote about
meeting Jonathan Davis of the band
Korn in Portland, Oregon in
Pioneer Courthouse Square in this journal.
So if you read my LJ on a regular basis
you may remember this or have bookmarked
the entry. I wrote about selling Jonathan
a book with my art in it and being depressed
and homeless. Jonathan is my
biological cousin as I have written
here before. When I gave him the art
I did not have my memories and I now
remember him as my cousin. He had said
something like "A family member loves you..."
to me in conversation. So I think this
may be the title in the LJ header entry.
The title may be something like:
"A family member loves you..."

Pioneer Courthouse Square was dark and
it was hard to see, but I sat down with
Jonathan and other members of the
band Slipknot. I had been drawing
in a written journal. The entry may also
say something like:
"Handwritten journal sold to members of Slipknot...."
So, really I had been drawing in red and
black ballpoint ink pen in a Oberon
leather journal with insert.

Oberon Design and Journals:

I had other books, including books on
magic with me. I sold two books to
Jonathan Davis on the night that
we met. One of them was a magic book
and the other was the journal I had
been writing in. So what you see in
the video is a mingling of the two books,
one of them just a plain white paper journal
that I had drawn and written in. So now
I will get to the description of my
art work. Many of you now know and had
already known me as Alex Pardee the
artist or as Don Murphy artist and
creator and screenplay writer for
"The Transformers" and comic book
artist, writer and creator of
"Gambit", "Venom", "Jubilee", "New Mutants",
"Cable", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles",
"Psylocke", "D.C. Comics Harley Quinn",
"Batman Adventures", "X-Men's Darkseid",
"Boom-Boom", "Wolfsbane", "X-Force",
"Strong Guy", "Lobo" (which you will
all thank me for when wrestling as a
human earthling sport is owned by one
, "Guardians of the Galaxy",
"Howard the Duck", "Domino", "Hellboy
and Dark Horse Comics", "The Mask by
Dark Horse Comics", "Milk and Cheese",
and "Boris the Bear"
. I am also the
creator, artist and screenplay writer and
set designer and builder for
"Nightmare Before Christmas" and
"Jack Skellington".

So, the art and writings in the video are
done in red and black ballpoint ink. A red
eye with three horns was drawn by me.
I have used the symbol of the eye many
times before and use the symbol of a
mason's eye and pyramid like on the back
of a dollar bill. Toy Machine is a
skate business that I created and drew
logos and symbols for. Comic books were
published and made for this company, but
are not available in Oregon as it was not
distributed in the state. The comic book
was distributed in California and I believe
also New York and New Jersey where there is
a VANS skate park which I built and
own. I am also the creator of VANS shoes
and designed the clothing for that company.
So the symbol of the eye and the eye monsters
are part of the Toy Machine skateboard
company. The eye monsters are in the comic
books which I wrote. It is that I am very
proud that my original eye art which can be
seen in the video is also on skateboards
from Toy Machine and that skaters who
are fans of the band will be able to see
my original art in the video.

Toy Machine skateboard company:

As you can see from the web site I am, as I
have written here in the past, Mike Judge
creator of Beavis and Butthead. My name
is in the credits of the Beavis and Butthead
comic books
by Marvel Comics. I am
the original artist, script writer and creator
of Beavis and Butthead.

I am looking for my Nine Devils which
are no longer available on the web site. They
were removed when I was put into Oregon State
Hospital by my biological brother. He had the
web site removed while he worked as a staff person
at the insane asylum where he put me away.
Presidential Signed Executions work there
for him and do whatever he wants them to because
he spends my inheritance illegally on them and
murders so he can control court rooms and businesses
with The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
Nine Devils are a gift program which I
started with Toy Machine Skateboard Company.
In California I hosted parties and gave away
Toy Machine merchandise and skate products.
The band AC/DC played at the skate park
where these parties were held. I had a red
Toyota Mini-Truck built for the promotion
of the Toy Machine Skate Park and for
promotion of the company. Nine Devils are
that people who come to the skate park get to
give me a present and fill out a card and ask
me for a present in return. You don't have to
buy or give me a present to fill out a card and
ask for one. I gave away free skateboards just
for the purchase of a Toy Machine board.
There was a trading system for trading some
of the free boards that went through the web
site and the Nine Devils program was
connected to it. AC/DC gave me two
white Gibson SG guitars which were in
my Nine Devils storage. One of them
is signed by Angus Young and the band.
So, I am trying to get to these things and
they are not available on the web site.
If you filled out a card for your free gift
then I will be reading it and ask that you go
to the skate park and headquarters and ask them
to contact me and make my Nine Devil gifts
available to me. Toy Machine AC/DC hats with
were given to people who came to the
skate park and who attended the AC/DC concerts
held at the park. Some of these were given to me
and put into my Nine Devils gift slot
which is a box where you put things you want me
to receive. I received t-shirts and skateboards
from people who came to the park. There were
semi-trucks full of the things that were given
to me. The people who did this are my customers
and they expect me to live up to what I promised
them. That is why their gift given to me and their
request cards were filled out in the first place.
I am asking that the people who gave me gifts and
who filled out cards and who skate Toy Machine
and who are fans of the band AC/DC please
do something about this and about the problem with
my Nine Devils gifts being removed from
the web site. I hope you will enjoy Toy Machine
clothing and skateboards and find my eye art
on this page.

Toy Machine skateboard clothing:

There is also an original art page in the
Slipknot video with an "Iron Maiden
type figure in a lake or
pond with its arm raised and hand outstretched
above its head
. This is done in black ink
and I drew it. As I said, the printed pages
came from a magic book which Jonathan Davis
of the band Korn took from me in
Portland, Oregon. The printed pages are put
together with the original art work and
words I wrote into my journal in red and
black ink.

So, anyway, here is the video!!
This is "Slipknot: The Negative One"

David Choe is also a pen name that I
used when I was a child. When I was eight years
old I made the art work that is sold at
Upper Playground stores. This is an
art piece that can be likened to Living Dead Dolls.
My uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, said it looked
like a French doll to him when I made this.

Upper Playground David Choe pen name art work of French Doll:

When I made this I actually gave Alyssa Milano
my knee high red striped white basketball socks.
There is at least one episode of "Who's the Boss"
about this where Alyssa wears them. The
doll in the art work is wearing them. You can also
cross reference this to the character Harley Quinn
in Batman comic books which I created.
The line in Batman Adventures the cartoon is:
"Kind of a Russian doll thing. She plays with socks.
Her boyfriend buys her boots. She collects buttons.
On occasion, if she's really feeling it, she puts one
up his ass. He needs it. Like they're really married.
A nice American girl wouldn't tell you she likes gelato.
That Italian leather he buys her, there's nothing like it.
He also buys American knee high athletic socks. She
wears them. Bill Walton eat your heart out. Harley
Quinn, do you eat gelato? Does the Joker serve you
food the way you walk? I'll serve it to the Chihuahua!"

So I have the art of the Chihuahua. This was also drawn
by me when I was a child. I am also the creator of the
Taco Bell Chihuahua ad campaign. This art is
mentioned in the sit-coms "Diff'rent Strokes", "Taxi",
and "Newhardt". It is also mentioned in the
sit-com "Family Ties". The character of Harley Quinn
has a pet Chihuahua.

Upper Playground David Choe pen name art work of Chihuahua:

This is "Blockbuster" which is an art piece
where I was making fun of someone. I often do this
in my art as satire. So this is a guy named Chris
that I was making fun of. He wore tits under his
t-shirt and I made some out of small water balloons.
You can see the writing in the background is mine
which is part of the art work. You may want to match
up the writing with the journal in the Slipknot
video. This art piece is mentioned in the sit-com
"Diff'rent Strokes" and the television
series "Knightrider". I made this art before
the video tape business was made. So, I actually own
the video rental business "Blockbuster".

Upper Playground David Choe pen name art work of Blockbuster:

A while back in this journal I also wrote about my art
and the web site Deviant Art. This journal entry
may be with the Slipknot and Jonathan Davis
entry. So, anyway, they made the web site as I had
written about and it has my art work on it. They put
my artwork on it as they told me they would. I named
the web site and gave the people I wrote about in the
journal entry my art work for posting. Here is the
link to the web site and to a piece that I drew.
The lister is X-Rebellion which is a name
that I came up with like Star Wars X-Wing fighters
and I told the person that took the art work to use
this name on the web site. I named the piece "Ami"
so that is what it is listed as. Here is the link
to Deviant Art and I will come back and post
links to other art work that I have done on this
web site.

Deviant Art web site and a hurry up doll piece of art entitled "Amy":

Look for past journal entry with reference to
"Hurry up art piece".
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