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Some of my art hosted on, cars from Good Guys Spokane, Alyssa Milano is Chinese 4 me!

Some of my art hosted on, cars from Good Guys Spokane, Alyssa Milano is Chinese 4 me!

I have here some photos of the art work I did in the hospital
during a Christmas and New Years. I know I got back from
Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland and posted in this journal
about doing art and meeting someone that would host my art
to a web site called "Deviant Art." So, anyway, people
came to visit me in the hospital and I was doing art and
they wanted it. In exchange for watching me and for taking
it to display, I asked them to host it to a web site and
named the web site. It is and I
stipulated that if my art was hosted to a web site of this
name then I would own the web site. "Ami" the small
art doll is mentioned in one of my previous posts. She is
linked in the previous post to

Deviant Art:

Here is the art I chose to post for now. It is Halloween
based. My birthday is coming up and I want everyone to
celebrate with, may I suggest, some Orange LiveWire Mountain Dew.
They are making it again and it is here in the vending
machines in Spokane, Washington. This is despite the
problems I am having with the STA or Spokane Transit Authority
transportation Presidential Signed Executions.
These people have been written about in newspapers.
"STA Executions with Terry Anderson" are pictured below.
They are still preventing me from riding the bus and I
paid for a monthly bus pass. These people were sentenced
to death and they are treating me like shit just like
in Oregon. Black Terry Anderson is one of them and he
is photographed in a previous entry. He is with
"Chelsea Bob Costas Executions" who won't let
me work out at the gym here in Spokane, Washington just
like the Presidential Signed Executions who prevented
me from working out at the 24 Hour Fitness gyms in Portland, Oregon.

"David Letterman and Bob Costas rape executions with
Chelsea puke phone and Amy puke phone"

work at the gyms here in Spokane, Washington. Talk show
host David Letterman is a pre-teen killer with
Bob Costas and Greg Gumbel and other
ESPN announcers. I will be carrying out these
Presidential Signed Executions as a U.S. Army Colonel.
If you are in the Armed service and U.S. Military please
spread the word to your fellow serviceman that I now have
evidence and am resigned to the fact that David Letterman
and Bob Costas and Greg Gumbel are executions.
So is Flea of the band "The Red Hot Chili Peppers"
and he is here in Spokane, Washington with Mark Wahlbergh.
Mark Wahlbergh is a Presidential Signed Execution.
I have three busts where these men came into the field where
I was training. The men were apprehended. I physically beat
Flea and also beat Dave Mustaine who was "Glow Dave".
Mark Wahlbergh was also struck by me with my M-16 rifle
in the field and he took off running. He was apprehended
in the forests on the Oregon Coast in my training area.
These men are rapists and Presidential Signed Executions.
I am a Green Beret, U.S. Army Ranger and a Colonel.

So here is my "Pumpkin Dragon" in black ink pen
and then colored in. This was done in felt pen and I colored
it in using felt pens and touched it with a black ball point
pen. Purple gel pens were used. I also used colored pencils
and other colored gel pens.

 photo halloween_dragon_b__n__w_by_jollyroger11-d30g5ie.jpg

 photo halloween_dragon_by_jollyroger11-d30qe5b.jpg

You can see in the shading of the moon that I tried to make
what looks like a miniature Jack Skellington on the
face of the moon. This is just hinted at with a kind of wand.
I believe I wrote about this in previous journal entries.

This is a lion that I drew on the same occasion. All of the art
at was done when I was in the hospital. Most
of it was on the same day. There were only like three people there
including myself and I'm sure I wrote about this here in the LiveJournal.
I have been told that this piece is all over the internet and that
it has been posted with reference to my name. This is actually
called "The Lion's Chair" or "The Lion's Footstool",
and "The Windsor ottoman". I was actually having thoughts
about being kicked around and being someone's footstool and being used
at the time I drew this and how people steal from my inheritance and
then just kick me around and have me arrested. It is a fun piece and
there was actually an argument in the hospital with people visiting
me about who was going to own it. Teresa Coleman who is a
Presidential Signed Execution working illegally in the
Washington County Jail tried to destroy it because she does not
want me given credit for my inheritance or art. Bonnie Mott
and musician Iggy Pop took it away from her and I instructed
them to give her a photocopy of it. I said to her:
"You like it so much, why don't you eat one on paper and I'll have
Bonnie make more photocopies? I'll bet you're just raring to arrest
me again so you can spit in my food at the jail. Why not spit on Iggy?
Why the hell are you here in the hospital and who the fuck let you in,
anyway? You can't have my lion. There's no destroying my art work."

Sharon Barger was with Teresa Coleman and they both were
together. Both work illegally at the Washington County Jail and have
been sentenced to death as Presidential Signed Executions.
My uncle, who is knicknamed "Rick Belushi" and who is the
manager of Star's Cabaret and who has also managed
Harvey's Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon, has possession
of the art and is who set up the web site DeviantArt.

 photo untitled_by_acidmother-d5dxriz.png

This is a painting I made when I was eight years old. It is shown
here in a hair styling salon in a basement in Portland, Oregon.
Car dealer Dick Hannah had possession of it. This painting
was the subject of a script for "Diff'rent Strokes" where
the character of Kimberly played by Dana Plato went to an
art gala. The painting was shown on television. I believe my
uncle "Rick Belushi" was in the episode of "Diff'rent Strokes"
and I know he appeared on different sit-coms with tie in scripts
about the painting and how I painted it. "Who's the Boss"
would be one of the sit-coms. Dick Hannah is also mentioned
in the scripts. Conrad Bain of "Diff'rent Strokes"
raises his hand like he is taking an oath and says:
"Hannah, I swear......." and he is swearing not to let harm
come to the painting and to uphold an art moralism. There are
references to car dealer Dick Hannah. But anyway, here
is the photo of the painting:

 photo DSCN52341.jpg

So, I am here in Spokane, Washington and I have photos of the
Good Guys car show which I hosted. I did not get to make
it to the car show because people are harassing me the way they
do in Portland, Oregon. There is a Hells Angels chapter
here and they are here specifically so they can steal my inheritance
the way Sharon Barger illegally works in Hillsboro, Oregon
at the Washington County Jail. These cars belong to me or
have been stolen and are part of the Good Guys Car Club.

 photo RSCN59521.jpg

 photo DSCN59501.jpg

 photo DSCN55641.jpg

 photo DSCN55601.jpg

 photo DSCN55551.jpg

 photo DSCN55541.jpg

 photo DSCN55741.jpg

 photo DSCN55491.jpg

 photo DSCN55501.jpg

 photo DSCN55431.jpg

 photo DSCN55441.jpg

Here is the local Taco Bell in Spokane, Washington where I've
been frequenting. Notice the Daredevil Loaded Griller in the
drive thru menu for a dollar!! I hope you like it. I am the one
who contacted Joel Robison to have this menu item made and
specially priced. I also had the Captain Crunch Cinnabon Cheesecake Bites
made and put on the menu. I own Cinnabon and had the
Cinnabon Cheesecake Bites made available for Taco Bell
to serve on their menu. Hope you like them. I urge you to try
the Daredevil Loaded Griller in Chipotle, Hot Habanero
and Ghost Pepper.

 photo DSCN60141.jpg

Mountain Dew Orange Livewire:

Mountain Dew Baja Blast:

Slipknot Spokane, Washington tour:


There is a beauty styling salon here in Spokane, Washington
that has a specially composed photograph dedicated to my
fiance' Alyssa Milano. Even though we will probably
never get married, our love is still like that and I have
explained this in previous journal entries. There are episodes
of the sit-com "Who's the Boss" about this photograph and
Spokane, Washington which is my place of birth. So I had
to take a photograph and show you my lady with a Chinese
appearance. My uncle, Alfred Hitchcock, composed Alyssa
like this. He used mercury so reference that I have posted
about illegal use of mercury for disguise purposes.
My uncle used mercury for make up and sets in his films.
This has been written about in books and he explained
it to me when I was a child receiving film lessons.
"Mercury Spy Glasses used illegally by executions"
were headlines in "The Oregonian Newspaper".
I have said this many times in this journal.
There are also episodes of the television program
"Master" or "Ninjutsu" with Lee Van Cleef
that reference this photograph of Alyssa Milano and Spokane, Washington.
So here is my beautiful girlfriend Alyssa Milano
with an Asian countenance to her. Why would such a
photograph or look be necessary? I may fall in love
with a Chinese woman...........!
For Rememberance and Love, to Alyssa.....
The photograph is in the beauty salon so we will never
forget our love for each other. It is in the city where
I was born. This is explained in episodes of
"Who's the Boss".

 photo DSCN57431.jpg

Who's the Boss IMDB:
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