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Happy Halloween!!! It's my birthday!! Hope you are having fun!!! I'm in Spokane, Washington

Happy Halloween!!! It's my birthday!! Hope you are having fun!!! I'm in Spokane, Washington

Hey, It's Halloween and I thought I would post some fun videos.
These are "Nightmare Before Christmas" videos. I am the
creator, artist, set designer and screenplay writer for all
"Nightmare Before Christmas" videos, movies, television
and book publications. When I was eight years old I designed
and manufactured pieces for the set of the movie. The roulette
wheel is one of the first pieces I worked on besides making
Jack Skellington himself as a moveable piece onto the
set. School chalk was used to make the set pieces and characters
and I used crayons to make the glow in the dark effects on the
set pieces like blacklight posters. Pieces of the plot were
written with chalk and erasers. There is a Halloween episode
or episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" with
chalk pranks and talk of colored chalk (Yes, I think that it
is or that the red chalk episodes feed the original Halloween
and making of costumes. The character of Albert wants
to buy a "store bought costume or mask" and Charles, Dad of
the Ingalls family, sets out to make his own costume. These episodes
of "Little House on the Prairie" are called
"The Harvest Episodes" and include script writings by
me about traditions and crop necessities for farming and cornucopia.
The word cornucopia was edited, bleeped and cut out of the
episodes. In some episodes the words scare crow were bleeped
or edited out. And there was footage of Charles with a crow that
was edited. "A real live crow!! Wow!! That's a cornucopia!!"
Burl Ives appeared in episodes of "Little House on the Prairie"
and I wrote into the scripts that I was working on "funnies" or
cartoons. Disney is mentioned and it is a time anomaly that Disney
and cartoons or motion pictures are mentioned or written into the
scripts, but I made it satirical. I hope you are able to find and
view these episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" and
enjoy them! I even wrote in references to my favorite soft drink
Mountain Dew into the scripts because, after all, the television
show is kind of country!! There are also references to Root Beer and
the makings of such a beverage!! You all know that the Hillbilly wins!
"And I like clover!!!"

In the videos posted below are the Jack Skellington chess pieces
which are gravestones as designed when I was a child. The knight chess
piece of course has references to the comic book company that I founded
Dark Horse Comics and there are references to the comic book
"The Mask" in the scenes in the videos because I am the
comic book writer and creator. Jack Skellington is a Mask
character as I wrote him and drew him that way in the Dark Horse
Comic Book
that was published by Dark Horse. "The Mask"
is also a Hellboy character and is also written about in
the Hellboy comic books. I wrote the Hellboy comic books
and there is also reference to the character of Jack Skellington
and the paranormal plane of Halloween. Halloweentown is
in "The Mask" comic book and is also in "Hellboy"
comic books.

So, I'm not really married to three beautiful women, we are still estranged.
We are close to being married. And I wrote about them in
"Nightmare Before Christmas". "Lisa" is Alyssa Milano.
"Alex" is Alex Van Houten and is the other royal in "The Princess Bride".
"Kendra" is the Christian who Jack extolls must change
her ways. "She's just a doll!! How Devilish!! Come and sit on my lap!!"
Ken is like Ken of Ken and Barbie so I call her Ken and have
always referred to her as "my doll". I love her and I love all
three of my ladies. So, I also wrote about my memory loss and wrote this
to the viewers. When it occurs that I am not being noticed for the writings
of these movies and television episodes or "viewings" I am supposed
to be contacted. When I win an Oscar for the first film I am supposed to
be contacted for attendance to The Oscars. This did not take place
and it is illegal that I was not given invitation and physically taken to
The Oscars. So, I wrote about this in the script and also wrote
about being given a suit for acceptance of my awards. The suit is supposed
to be a Jack Skellington tuxedo with the bat collar. And this
and the presumptousness of my thoughts about receiving an Oscar I also
wrote into the scripts of "Nightmare Before Christmas".
That Alyssa Milano was cast into a new television show based upon
my existing characters in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is also
written into the scripts of "Nightmare Before Christmas".
There are references to "Charmed" in "Nightmare Before Christmas".
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is a published comic book by
Dark Horse Comics which I created and wrote. I created
"Charmed" and wrote episodes for the series. The
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie and television show was created
and written by me.

And yes, there are references to my favorite soft drink and beverage
Mountain Dew and Pepsi in "Nightmare Before Christmas"
with "the green concoction, call the distributor!" and
"you'll excuse me, but Jack has an upset stomach"
with references to Pepcid which is an ingredient in Pepsi!
"The pink stuff will just not do!! I want brown! Fizzy and poppy!!
And put some ice on!!! We like not just green!! So I'm a peppy
feeling Jack!! We need pep!!"
Well, that's just Pepsi,
friends!! And, I like it. There are also references to the
Taco Bell Chihuahua with the green worm in "Princess Bride"
and "My magic dust seasoning!! It comes with a chili!! I can call
the President!!"
So, "the Presidente" is what
Tapatio Hot Sauce is called. This is put on or applied
to Doritos!! Don't you know? It's a snack!! Happy Halloween!!

The first Child's Play clip is a marriage reference clip with
Chucky. All three of my fiancé's were there when I created
Child's Play and wrote scripts. They had to go to stores
to look at "Cabbage Patch Dolls" with me. See
episodes of "Who's the Boss" with the character that
plays Alyssa Milano's brother in "Who's the Boss".
He has a "Cabbage Patch Doll". I feel very strongly
about my three ladies and this clip is an expression of how
I feel toward them. You'll find my name in the credits of
the very first film Don Murphy as Producer of Child's Play.
The clip I posted also has script writings about me creating
Living Dead Dolls. The whole film has script writing
about my creation of Living Dead Dolls. The drawer in
the clip has cutlery or knives that I actually used in
my own kitchen. I owned the knives used in the film.

The second Child's Play clip is about frying the
evil doctor. David Otter, Tom Lyles, and Andrew Lang
have "played psychiatrist" for years. They were
supposed to have been Policed. There are episodes of the
sit-coms "The Bob Newhart Show", "Too Close For Comfort",
and "Webster" about the crimes of my brother and
Andrew Lang. They were sentenced to death and threatened
me as a child. They have restraining orders against them
and this is reflected in the episodes of the sit-coms.
People sentenced to death are also called:
"Webster Presidential Signed Executions".
The Presidential Signed Executions took over the
Oregon State Senate and run The Oregon State Mental Hospital.
They also run the Washington County Police Department
and the Washington County Courthouse. They also run
the Portland Police Departments and Multnomah County Courthouse.
They are Presidential Signed Executions and I am in Spokane, Washington.

I hope you enjoy the video clips and are able to watch all of
the movies and videos and pick up some comic books and snacks
while you are at it!! Again, Happy Halloween and I
am Alfred Hitchcock's nephew and Burl Ives' son.

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