Moe Szyslak Donald Murphy (moe1409szyslak) wrote,
Moe Szyslak Donald Murphy

Just out of jail again, I was incarcerated and arrested in November of 2015

Just out of jail again, I was incarcerated and arrested in November of 2015

I just got out of jail and was arrested AGAIN in November of 2015
after I got back from Spokane, Washington. I spent time in the
Washington County Jail in Hillsboro, Oregon. I am now aware of the
fact that headphones are being used for "mercury headphone sound sex"
which is described by U.S. Military personnel during lectures in
reference to the Presidential Signed Executions.

"Headphone Sound Sex Executions with Amy Poehler and Cindy Crawford"
use mercury witchcraft to kidnap and rape. These people were sentenced to
death for use of mercury and witchcraft and for murder and rape.
See the video game "Call of Duty" and speeches given by
U.S. Senator McCain and Rev. Jesse Jackson. See speeches also given
by U.S. President Ronald Reagan who sentenced these people to death
for rape and kidnapping and murder and the kidnapping of my girlfriend
and fiance' actress Alyssa Milano.

Frank Revelo was the judge in Beaverton, Oregon on my case. He
has also been kidnapped and beaten and threatened. As a child I hired
him to work for Marvel Comic Books and write with my artwork
and the Marvel Comic Books I created and drew including
X-Force, Deadpool, and Cable.
Frank Revelo has refused to leave Beaverton, Oregon waiting to
be noticed as the person who stated that he has to work within the
boundaries of the Presidential Signed Executions that kidnapped
him and will not let him leave. He has been called:
"Alyssa Milano defense attorney and judge" and
"Alyssa Milano marriage attorney".
I was illegally held in Washington County Jail for over three months.
Frank Revelo cannot leave the bench where he is held in a mercury state
with use of withcraft. He is manipulated like a puppet so that
Sharon Barger and Amy Poehler and Kelly can use
him to lie on plaegerism. They are guilty of plaegerism and lied about
my art work and writings. These Presidential Signed Executions run
the Washington County Jail and Police Force they also run the Oregon State
Senate and this has been published in The Oregonian Newspaper.
Hugh Heffner is a rapist that also helped kidnap and rape Alyssa Milano
and illegally worked in the Washington County Jail in order to help the
Presidential Signed Executions who include Sharon and Ralph "Sonny" Barger
and Presidential Signed Execution Teresa Coleman.

During my incarceration there were further problems with The UPS Store
and my LEVI's that I purchased from the LEVI's web site in November. There
were also problems with the web site and business MUSICIAN'S FRIEND
which refused to send my items I ordered in November of 2015.
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