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Taylor Swift is my sister, I played for the NBA photos prove it!! Articles say "Prince played NBA."

Taylor Swift is my sister, I played for the NBA photos prove it!! Articles say "Prince played NBA."

I love my sister and am just now posting her video!
This is my kit Cobra which I posted about in this
journal years ago. It is charcoal like my Toyota
mini-truck lowrider. It was purchased when I met
my sister and played basketball several years ago.
Please tell her I suffer from memory loss, like she
doesn't know that, and I forget giving this car and the
golf clubs for the video!! I'm very sorry!! I did post
about the car and video in this journal. I probably
posted something like "Please help me remember my sister
and take care of the car....."
I also posted something
about "My new production company's name, a challenge
to Hells Angels....."
So, as you can see by the
video and on Taylor's CD it says Big Machine Records
and Big Machine Productions. This is the new production
name and challenge. On her CD "T.S. 1989"
there is a little drawing of a little car with like flames behind
it and I drew it and made the letters for Big Machine Records
on the CD. This is posted in this journal that I did this in past
entries!! So, I love my sister and here is her song and video!

I have photos of my NBA game jerseys. I played NBA Basketball after trying out
for LSU College Basketball team. I was taken to several colleges to play "a try"
or "a swing" while being recruited by LSU. This means that I had
to be viewed playing for other Midwest College Basketball teams and that LSU
had interest in me. You have to mix with the other teams and play with
their players or be seen by their coaches. This is a privilege and I was
very surprised. I did write about this in this journal several years ago.
After being assessed at NBA playing ability and level I was taken to NBA
teams so I could play with them. This took place when I had received some
money from my inheritance and was spending it with Janelle, Officer B. Day,
also known as "Pippi Longstocking". This has been mentioned in NBA
broadcasts and some college basketball broadcasts that "Pippi Longstocking"
dated "The Prince" and that he could be playing college basketball.

I played for the colleges Kansas City, Maryland, Texas A & M,
Oklahoma Sooners, Vanderbilt, and LSU. These are not all
the teams I played for. I set college basketball records I believe while playing
for Kansas City. I was photographed and filmed with Janelle, "Pippi Longstocking".
I was photographed in my Maryland uniform and would like
them to release the photographs of me!!! Thank you very much Marv Albert,
Dick Vitale and Hubie Brown!!! Please go back in my journal entries
and find my posts about playing college basketball and NBA basketball. Marv Albert
is mentioned in the posts with the other announcers.

There have been magazine articles about me playing college basketball and setting
records. They mention "The Prince played college basketball and set records
and played at an NBA level"
. These articles are in Sports Magazines and
I believe Rolling Stone magazine. There are no photographs of me and I
had to give permission for the photos. This is mentioned in my LiveJournal posts.
Please release the photographs.

So, anyway, here are the jerseys from most of the NBA teams I played for. The
NBA teams are not all shown. These are photos posted from a house that I own.
I hung them in the house at the time that I played basketball. I am a point guard
and the records that I set for college play are for assists and steals I believe.
Please try to find the articles!!!

 photo DSCN00541.jpg

 photo DSCN00601.jpg

 photo DSCN00591.jpg

 photo DSCN00581.jpg

 photo DSCN00571.jpg

 photo DSCN00561.jpg

So I have been picked on in Oregon since playing these games by
Presidential Signed Executions and I suffered from memory loss
due to exposure to mercury used illegally by my family members trying
to steal my inheritance and cause the memory loss. They illegally
put me in an insane asylum and spent my inheritance. Just like my
fiance' Alyssa Milano was kidnapped and raped and kept from
seeing me or living her life like a celebrity. Kendra Plewes
and Alex Van Houten were also kidnapped and raped and kept
from seeing me or visiting me. Kendra Plewes was in pornographic
videos which are named in the Call of Duty video games.
The rapists and kidnappers are staff at the Washington County Jail
and include actor Michael McKean.

These same Presidential Signed Executions prevented me from
going to Canada on vacation to see the band Iron Maiden
in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I had flight tickets for United Airlines
and hotel reservations for Best Western in Calgary, Alberta Canada.
United Airlines refused to let me board the plane in Portland, Oregon
at PDX Airport and had Portland Police Officers rough me up, beat my
head into the roof of the car and arrest me at PDX Portland Airport.
They also stole money from my wallet when lodged at Multnomah County Jail.
The Iron Maiden concert was scheduled April 8th 2016.

Presidential Signed Executions worked the counter at PDX Airport
and refused to let me board United Airlines they were United Airlines
employees. I tried to book Canadian Airlines and had the same trouble
with Canadian Airlines employees who are Presidential Signed Executions.

The new Iron Maiden album "Book of Souls" contains songs from
a previous Iron Maiden album "Brave New World". There is an
art sketch book that goes with the album as the band has noted that I am
an artist, painter and comic book artist. I made phone calls and asked to
arrange for the new album and tour.

Here are some more photos of some of my art:

 photo chanesse_dragon_wip2_by_jollyroger11-d3499i6.jpg

 photo blax_by_jollyroger11-d2y4v68.jpg

 photo a03019e3e094ad096da2f6a15734ad19.jpg

 photo a_ninjerk__by_boobookittyfuck.jpg

 photo 1445586.jpg

 photo a_doctor_a_day__by_boobookittyfuck.jpg

 photo demon_demon_by_raven_blood_13-d4yckee.jpg

 photo demon_of_the_seven_seas_by_jollyroger11-d329ffv.jpg
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